How To Find Network Security Weak Spots (Before Hackers Do)

How many times in the past year have you read about hackers bypassing major companies’ security to steal confidential and valuable information? You’ve probably lost track of the number. And you’re definitely worried that you could be next. How can you prevent your company from becoming a statistic? Read on to learn about finding weak spots in your network security

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Hiring IT Staff Is Even Harder Than You Think

Do you need to hire a new member for your IT department? Don’t count on it being a simple or quick process. Hiring IT staff is full of challenges – more so than trying to find new employees for other departments. Read on to learn more about why it’s so hard, and what you can do about it.


Does Your Business Really Need An IT Department?

Are you considering paring down your operating budget, and are looking for places to trim the fat? Or, are you starting a business and considering which areas to apply your limited resources? You might be thinking that the IT department isn’t a high priority. Before you decide to make any cuts or not to invest in this department, read on

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Did You Know You Could Outsource Your IT And Keep It In Canada?

There’s plenty of controversy and passionate debate around offshoring outsourcing duties to countries outside of Canada. While some believe the issue revolves around jobs stolen from Canadians, numbers suggest that the bigger issue is the lack of quality provided by offshoring, especially in terms of hosted IT services.


Netflix And 3 Other Successes That Run Their Business From The Cloud

  When you come home to “Netflix and chill,” you probably aren’t thinking about the way Netflix runs. It might surprise you to know that the company runs from the cloud. Netflix isn’t the only one, though. Read on to learn about other major, successful businesses that run their companies from the cloud.


4 Mistakes That Make Your Disaster Recovery Plan Useless

This scenario might sound familiar: you’ve spent time and effort creating a disaster recovery plan. You’re proud of the work that you put into it. But what if you found out that there were mistakes that rendered all of that planning absolutely useless? Read on to learn about errors in disaster recovery planning and how you can avoid them.


Hackers Can Tap Your Employees Phones

What’s powerful, fits in your pocket, and enables criminals to ruin your life? The answer is your smartphone. Although you believe you could never live without it, hackers can easily tap your phone (and those of your employees) to gain access to confidential and highly valuable information. Read on to learn how they do it and what you can do

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Hackers Steal $47 Million From Tech Company

How could a tech firm have such poor security to allow itself to be hacked? Moreover, how could a high tech company lose nearly $50 million? That’s exactly what happened to an American business in the late spring of 2015. Read on to learn how this happened, and how your business could be vulnerable, too.


If You’re Not Protecting Against Hackers, You May Face Charges

  One of the more significant rulings affecting large companies that do business online took place when the FTC won a case that allows damages to be awarded and charges to be laid if a business doesn’t take the appropriate steps to protect the information of its customers.


75% Of Small Business Owners Don’t Have A Disaster Recovery Plan

All types of business are exposed to disaster risks, including fires, earthquakes, floods and other types of catastrophes. The most affected tend to be small businesses, which tend to operate on thinner margins than their larger competitors. Despite the fact that many businesses are exposed to threats, few have even a basic plan of action in the event of a

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