We provide full managed IT Services, remote IT support & consulting services custom to your business and budget

We Manage Your Technology!

Dynamix is a reliable local and fully certified Managed IT Provider in Toronto and Calgary that could manage your:

Managed IT Service
Computer and network support
Remote IT support
Dark Web Monitoring & Identity Theft Protection
Help desk support
Network security
Desktop support
Cloud Services

Do you suspect you’re spending too much on IT Support and Network upkeep, without seeing a return on your investment? You’re probably right

It’s been estimated that companies overspent by more than $207 billion on technology and telecom purchases each year, while the average enterprise is overpaying anywhere from 8% to 25% on software and hardware support.

Dynamix Solutions is a leading Managed IT Services, IT Support, IT Solutions, & IT Consulting Provider serving Toronto, GTA, Calgary and surrounding areas


  • Hardware Installation
  • Hardware Maintenance
  • Software Development
  • Network Administration
  • Cloud Services
  • Disaster Recovery


  • Full IT support
  • Workstation support
  • Servers support
  • Network support
  • System maintenance
  • Computer support


  • Full remote support
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Server monitoring
  • Desktop monitoring
  • Min-by-min monitoring
  • Maximize network uptime


  • Dedicated help desk
  • Available to all clients
  • Phone call support
  • Experienced engineers
  • 24/7 services


  • Network security solutions
  • Firewall management
  • Virus protections
  • VPNs services
  • Intrusion detection


  • Patch management
  • Spyware/Trojan/Virus removal
  • System alerts watch
  • Disk space monitoring
  • Asset management

When you staff an in-house IT team, you have to pay for a number of expenses such as:

Computers, hardware devices
Benefit plans
Sick days
Vacation days
Employee turnover
Extra office space and utilities
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What if you could just pay for IT services, without paying anything else? So every dollar you spend goes directly to managing your IT and devices, giving you an immediate return on investment.

You also do away with the costs and headaches associated with staffing your team. There’s no worrying about attracting, interviewing and hiring technical employees, when you may not even be sure what you need.

Also, when an employee leaves (which is unavoidable), they take all of their experience, skills, certification and knowledge of your company with them. You have to spend thousands to hire, train and acclimate a new employee, just to get back to where you were before you lost the last employee.

If you outsource your IT services, you get access to the exact same skills and expertise each and every day, without worrying about employee turnover or its associated costs.

Outsourcing IT to Dynamix Managed IT Services Company Saves You Money

You hired an IT staff because you wanted 24/7 support for your network, hardware and devices. But you don’t need to pay full-time salaries to get full-time service.

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Dynamix Solutions provides a range of Managed IT Services designed to accelerate business productivity, from expert installation and implementation to remote and on-site system management.

Our office in Markham serves Toronto and the GTA. Our office in Calgary serves Calgary and surrounding areas.

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