Disaster Recovery Plan

This scenario might sound familiar: you’ve spent time and effort creating a disaster recovery plan. You’re proud of the work that you put into it. But what if you found out that there were mistakes that rendered all of that planning absolutely useless? Read on to learn about errors in disaster recovery planning and how you can avoid them.

Not Copying Data

This is a fundamental step that surprisingly, some people skip. They think that storing information in the cloud is enough. They’re wrong – it’s not.

When creating a disaster recovery plan, copying data so it resides in a secure location is crucial. Otherwise, you won’t have it when you need it the most.

Not Connecting Backed-up Information

You remembered to copy the data. That’s a good first step. Did you remember to ensure that you can connect to that information during a crisis?

It might seem painfully obvious that you have to be able to connect to your backed-up information. However, many businesses forget to do just that.

Not Assigning Clear Responsibilities

Do you know who’s going to be handling which tasks in the event of an emergency? If you don’t, you can’t be surprised or dismayed when chaos erupts.

The disaster recovery plan must specify who will be responsible for specific assignments when disaster strikes. When people know what they need to do, they’ll be ready to spring into action.

Not Adapting the Plan to Organizational Changes

How old is your disaster recovery plan? If you can’t remember, it’s probably time to review it and make some changes.

Perhaps your company has grown since the disaster recovery plan was written. Maybe some of the people who were responsible for certain tasks are no longer with the company. Regardless of what has changed, you need to make sure your disaster recovery plan is up to date.

Dynamix Solutions: Your Disaster Recovery Solutions Experts

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