How many times have you been on your way to a meeting or have traveled and have reached for your Blackberry to send an email, grab a phone number, work on a document, schedule a meeting, or a myriad of other tasks that you find yourself having to do? It’s no wonder that they call the BlackBerry a regular workhorse offering the business person a personal digital assistant (PDA) or a media player or a messaging phone, or….

BlackBerry was specifically designed to help you, the very busy executive that needs to reach out and touch a myriad of people internally and externally to the company at a moment’s notice. What if you could choose some applications that would help you increase your productivity while getting the most out of your workhorse? What would the applications look like?

In a recent American Express OPEN article, AMEX offers up 5 Free BlackBerry Apps for Business that your local Toronto IT support team would like to summarize for you here. Choose those that are right for you and your business.

  • HandyLogs – If you’ve ever been stressed out at expense reporting time, this app will help you sort your expenses and allow you to customize lists and categories while the built-in odometer will automatically figure out the distance.  In addition, HandyLogs offers nice-to-haves like adding notes to all listings and information for helping you to file and sort your expenses.
  • UPS Mobile – Have you ever had to ship packages through UPS and not been able to track the shipments? This handy-dandy app will give you all the tools you need to track your UPS shipments (sorry – it won’t do FedEx or DHL), make your labels, and even custom name them so you can stay on top of everything, definitely making this app a nice app to have.
  • Nice Office LITE – Have you ever owned a Swiss Army knife? It had lots of neat tools on it, didn’t it? Well, Nice Office LITE is the Swiss Army knife for the BlackBerry, allowing you to manage your email, calendar, contacts, and more. You can even enjoy the option of backing up whatever you did.
  • DataBackup – DataBackup is the ideal app for backing up every piece of information on your BlackBerry, and you don’t even have to worry about messing around with automated reports or updates. Save everything from your contacts, photos, documents, or whatever. Just be sure to get the SD card installed before you try to save anything with DataBackup.
  • Scoop – Do you have a lot of information that you need to share with clients and/or employees? Scoop is similar to using Google Docs where you can share text, pictures, and audio with a group of people. You can then turnaround and edit or make notes to what you shared with them.

Busy Toronto business professionals need to take advantage of extra tools of the trade that will make their business (and even their personal) lives easier. The above apps are just a few of the apps specifically designed for the BlackBerry that can make things easier for you.

In much the same way, Dynamix also offers additional tools of the trade that will take the stress of worrying about managing your IT issues off of your shoulders, letting you manage your business while we manage the computer support for you. Why not contact your Toronto computer network support team today!

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