75% Of Small Business Owners Don’t Have A Disaster Recovery Plan

All types of business are exposed to disaster risks, including fires, earthquakes, floods and other types of catastrophes. The most affected tend to be small businesses, which tend to operate on thinner margins than their larger competitors. Despite the fact that many businesses are exposed to threats, few have even a basic plan of action in the event of a disaster.

Survey Suggests a Bleak Outlook

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company hired Harris Interactive to perform a survey with 500 small businesses across the United States, all of which employ 300 or less staff.

A whopping 75 percent of small business owners have no disaster recovery plan whatsoever while 52 percent believe it would take three months or longer to reopen after a cataclysmic event. Businesses with fewer than 50 employees are even less prepared, as less than one in five of these businesses have a disaster recovery plan.

The truth of the matter is that 25 percent of enterprises suffering through a disaster end up not being able to reopen for business. Nonetheless, 38 percent of all small business owners don’t consider a recovery plan to be of any importance at all.

Interestingly, only 26 percent of business owners consider the probability of a disaster in their area as slim, suggesting more small business owners would take recovery plans seriously.

Disaster Recovery Basics

One of the best ways to protect your business against general catastrophe is through the purchase of business interruption insurance. Keeping the power going if the energy shuts off usually requires a simple generator. Unfortunately, 44 percent of businesses don’t have generators and 66 percent haven’t invested in interruption insurance.

For many businesses, the most important resource that may be destroyed in a disaster is their information. If computers, servers and other data storage are destroyed during a catastrophe, business recovery insurance and generators won’t do a thing. What will help is the implementation of IT systems that provide data redundancy through off-site backups.

Using cloud storage systems and other methods, businesses can set up safe, secure backups outside of the influence of disasters. Through encrypted online databases accessible over the internet, business owners can enjoy the peace of mind knowing that valuable data will survive the physical destruction of their computer systems.

Not all businesses have the time, money and know-how to set up redundant IT systems that are resistant to disasters. Companies such as Dynamix Solutions are experienced in providing IT outsourcing services that include a wide range of remedies, including secure data backups that help businesses recover quickly from unfortunate events.

How Secure is Your Data?

Today, it’s extremely important for companies to ensure that their data is secure. Considering that most people lack the knowledge and time to properly ensure the safety of a company’s data, it’s wise to leave this task to professionals.

At Dynamix Solutions, we help companies small and large protect their digital information from getting into the wrong hands.  We can handle all of the technical set up and back up that you need to confidently keep your business safe, while you can focus on the business itself.  

Learn more about how our IT security services can support your company, or contact us to request a free quote, and start feeling more secure.

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