How Does Encrypted Google Searches Impact SEO Marketing?

Google has managed to become a secure search engine over the past few months. In fact, Google encrypts all search data, which means website owners are denied access to keyword data that drives organic traffic towards their website. In order to access keyword data, website owners are required to run a paid AdWords campaign. Recently,…


Yahoo Improves User Security With Automatic Encryption

Yahoo is improving their security for Yahoo Mail users with automatic encryption. On January 7th, Yahoo enabled automatic HTTPS as the default for all users on their network. Plus they now use 2,048-bit encryption keys to secure certificates for encrypted communications between Web browsers and servers. Yahoo is attempting to increase encryption across all of…


Did You Know? Desktop Virtualization Can Improve Your Information Security!

Information security is a huge concern for organizations of all kinds. While information security is critical to achieve, it’s increasingly challenging to maintain. Firewalls, antivirus, access control and perimeter monitoring are important security measures, but today’s sophisticated cybercriminals are finding ways to bypass them and directly target data, applications and devices. The good news is…


Five Principles For Improving Your Business Through Information Technology

Are you looking for new ways to improve your business? Have you considered implementing new types of information technology? Every business can benefit from the advancements of technology. In fact, businesses can benefit from both a strategic and operational perspective. Nelson Granados, Assistant Professor of Information Systems at Pepperdine University, released a video outlining five…


Apple’s iOS vs. Google’s Android: Which Is The Best Mobile Platform for Businesses?

As a business owner, you rely on your smartphone to connect to employees, vendors and customers. Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android are the most popular smartphone choices, but which one is right for your business? Business Use Apple In the third quarter of 2012, Apple’s iOS was the most popular platform for businesses that interact…


In The News: The New Year Has Hardly Begun and Security Issues Abound

The year has barely gotten off to a start and we’re already dealing with a variety of security breaches such as those with Target and Shapchat. Now the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA), a Syrian computer hacker conglomerate, is kicking off the New Year with a variety of cyber-attacks. —They have compromised Skype, Twitter, and Facebook…


Law Firms Must Upgrade from Windows XP and Office 2003

>In the practice of law, computers and the Internet have both transformed the way lawyers handle confidential client information. Electronic documents and data have replaced paper documents for lawyers and law office staff. For law firms, protecting the security of client information is extremely important. PIPEDA and Law Firms Law firms must comply with the…


Microsoft Office 365 Offers Many Benefits For Your Law Firm.

Do you want to boost productivity and security for your law firm? Microsoft Office 365 is a cost-effective suite of securely hosted, online applications that can increase your firm’s efficiencies and security.  It supplies the connectivity and productivity your firm needs to compete in today’s technology-driven environment and offers many competitive advantages for your practice:…


DID YOU KNOW? The Top 100 Android and Apple iOS Apps Have Been Hacked?

Android and Apple iOS apps aren’t as secure as we’d like to believe. According to security research firm Arxan Technologies, the top 100-paid Android apps, and 56% of the top 100-paid Apple iOS apps have been compromised! Do you download and install free apps? Don’t feel too secure about these applications. According to Arxan: 73%…


During the holidays, watch how you use your Out of Office message.

Out of Office notifications can also lead to data leakage and cyber attacks The use of out of office notifications is one of the most popular tools available to business professionals who wish to share with those who correspond via email that they may be away or delayed in getting back to them. This is…