6 Easy Tips For Better Security Of Your Passwords

Remembering all your passwords can be a tough job. We don’t blame you; there are so many password protected sites and PIN-protected accounts these days that anyone who can remember all their passwords should be awarded, honestly! And this difficulty is exactly what leads many people to use the same password for multiple accounts or…


Is Your Website Generating The Right Business?

Your corporate website not working the way it’s supposed to? Not getting the right type of leads you hoped for? Don’t worry we have put together a list of 5 key points.  Do these and you are sure to get it right! Know Your Visitors: This is the best way to keep your visitors interested….


Should you give Telecommuting the green light?

Telecommuting is a trend that has taken the business world by storm. If you’re feeling the winds tugging at your organization too, here are some pros and cons you’d like to know about before deciding which way to go. The pros: Telecommuting helps employees and the company save not just money, but time too! This…


Flooding in Thailand and the impact on business

Guest Blogger – Ed Correia, President & CEO, Sagacent Technologies, Inc. After a six week shut-down, Western Digital’s hard drive plant in Thailand has been pumped dry and has resumed production – sort of. This plant has been responsible for 60% of the company’s hard drive production. While the six feet of water that had…


What defines a Managed Service Provider?

As the market becomes saturated with “Managed Service Providers” it’s becoming more and more difficult to determine if an organization is a true managed service provider or just an individual, traditional VAR marketing themselves as a Managed Service Provider.  Dynamix Solutions has been operating with this business model since the company was founded in 2001. It took us a few

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Save 30% and support the Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada

November 12 to 15th, save 30% at the Gap, Banana Republic and Old Navy, ans help support the Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada. http://www.gapinc.com/giveandget/boysandgirlsclubs/


Planet In Focus

Dynamix Solutions is a proud supporter of the Planet in Focus International Environmental Film Festival. Dynamix would like to congratulate Planet in Focus on it’s  10th anniversary.   You can find out more about the festival at the following link.  Planet In Focus


globeandmail.com: Commoditize tech support for SMBs

A few years ago I was asked if I would be interested in writing an article for the Globe and Mail on technical support. At the time I thought about it and decided to base the article on my viewpoint on how technical support was becoming a commodity. Well almost 4 years later and my opinion is still the same.

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TRCC Bowlathon

Dynamix Solutions is proud to support the Toronto Rape Crisis Centre’s 16th annual bowlathon http://www.trccmwar.ca/bowl/