Simple Security Tips to Avoid Malicious Attacks

Malicious attacks, such as spyware, ransomware, and viruses, are designed to disrupt or damage a computer system. Often, malware is installed onto your computer through an infected email attachment, infected file on the Internet, or malicious website. Fortunately, malware can be prevented by following these security tips: Avoid Links within Pop-Up Windows Most pop-up windows…


Intel Plans to Increase CPU Performance with New Atom Chips

Recently, Intel announced plans to release new Atom chips for tablets and smartphones by 2016, boosting the overall CPU performance by 5 times and the mobile chip graphics performance by 15 times. Intel’s chips are used in certain smartphones, whereas ARM processors are used in a majority of tablets and smartphones. Intel strives to obtain…


Yahoo to Increase Encryption Efforts to Evade NSA Spying

Yahoo plans to increase its encryption efforts, in order to keep data hidden from the National Security Agency. The announcement comes after claims that the NSA has been spying on Yahoo, and various other companies, without their knowledge or permission. According to Yahoo, encrypting all data flow to and from Yahoo will be optional by…


Researchers Discover Innovative Way to Increase the Range of Wireless Frequencies in Wireless Devices

In 2006, Northeaster University in Boston received National Science Foundation grants to begin conducting research. Northeastern University and Semiconductor Research Corporation recently announced advancements in radio-frequency circuit technology. The researchers discovered an innovative way to tune the radio frequency in wireless devices. The results promise to reduce costs while improving the performance of semiconductors used…


Downtimes Negatively Affect Your Reputation, Ability To Comply With Regulations, and Increase Your Costs.

There’s been a lot of news lately about IT downtimes and their impact on businesses. One of the biggest disadvantages to downtime is lost productivity, because workers can’t do their jobs without IT systems up and running.  Rising Expenses and Declining Revenues IT downtime is directly linked to lost business revenue and increased costs. Many…


Password Recycling Facebook Users Impacted by Adobe Breach

Most of us are aware of the security risks involved with using the same password for multiple accounts online. The recent security breach at Adobe is a good example for individuals who ignore the warnings. Following a security breach at Adobe, Facebook locked some users out of their accounts due to the fact that their…


Google Plans to Decrease the SEO Ranking for Websites that Aren’t Mobile Friendly

Do smartphone users’ have trouble accessing your website? Here’s some incentive to make your site mobile-friendly. Google has announced that there will be demotions for websites that aren’t mobile friendly. If your website is misconfigured when it comes to being mobile friendly, chances are, you’re going to notice a decline in your ranking. According to…


iPhone Tech Tip: Password Secrets from iPhone

Did you know you are not limited to just a 4 digit iPhone password? You can add an extra layer of protection to your iPhone with an alphanumeric passcode. If you work in a very public place or travel a lot, you may be keen on extra protection for your privacy. Its’ easy to look…


SAP Client Applications May Be Targets of Malware

For a long time, cybercriminals have been known to utilize advanced information-stealing malware techniques to gain access to corporate networks and endpoints, which results in disrupted operations, as well as stolen or compromised business data, intellectual property, and financial information. A recently discovered malware demonstrates how cybercriminals are using advanced malicious activity to target mission-critical…


The Top 12 Hidden Features in Apple’s iOS 7

iOS 7 was introduced with the release of iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, available to download on all iPads and iPhones. With iOS 7 comes a lot of exciting new features, some are blatantly obvious, while some aren’t so obvious. Here are the top 12 hidden features: Block Numbers Sometimes it’s necessary to block certain…