Bell Canada Brings Cell Phone Trees to Ontario

This is no April Fool’s Joke!

For nearly a decade, the United States has disguised cell phone towers as pine trees, palm trees and cacti. In some areas, they’re disguised as architectural structures like clock towers. Now, Bell Canada has jumped on the band wagon. Cell phone towers aren’t aesthetically pleasing, and some people have called them down right unsightly. Maybe disguising them as trees will make them less conspicuous.

For the Ontario landscape, the towers will mimic white pines. Construction is scheduled to begin in May 2012, and the “trees” will be erected in Brackenrig, Foot’s Bay, Port Carling East, Port Sandfield, Walker’s Point East, Breezy Point Road and Little Lake Joseph. Jason Laszlo told the Toronto Star that “we expect to install approximately 20 tree sites throughout … the greater Muskoka area.”

The trees, which have steel trunks and fibre glass branches, measure between 25 and 29 metres tall, so Bell Canada doesn’t require municipal approval to install them. The mayor of the Township of Muskoka Lakes Alice Murphy may think the cell phone trees look like white pines on steroids, as she told the Toronto Star, but she also thinks they’re a good idea because “there are people conducting business in Muskoka, particularly during the summer, and they (cottagers) are trying to make it as seamless as possible from their Toronto offices.” Muskoka Lakes will receive seven of the artificial white pine giants.

Although the new cell phone towers that Bell Canada plans to install in Ontario will be incognito, the affect their presence will have on residents, business owners and vacationers certainly won’t go unnoticed.


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