Can Calgary’s Flood Happen In The GTA?

Can what happened in Calgary hit the Greater Toronto Area?

Calgary Flood TorontoDisasters happen all around us.  This week marked the one year anniversary of the roof collapse in Elliott Lake.  Calgary’s downtown is shut down for days and the city estimates 10 years until it is “back to normal” and many more examples of natural and technical disasters ruining the livelihood of business owners, employees, shareholders and others…all around us.

Is your Toronto business properly prepared?

  • Is your mission-critical data stored safely offsite where it can be accessed immediately in the event of an emergency?
  • Are your telephone and email systems accessible over a cloud-hosted system?

If Not, Your Business and Livelihood Are In Jeopardy.

June also marks the start of a busy Atlantic hurricane season. During this time of year as we watch storms brew in the Caribbean we think about how we should protect our businesses from harm; and for some, this may include last-minute planning (or panicking!) to ensure data is properly backed up and secured. But this needn’t be the case.

Dynamix Solutions is “kicking off” the start of the hurricane season with a reminder—You must make sure your business is prepared before it’s too late! It should be protected against anything Mother Nature might throw at you; and for other forms of disaster—including technical malfunctions, computer hacking, viruses, or employee espionage.

It’s essential that your business data be backed up and protected against these disasters— Every day, 24-hours a day—With our Business Continuity Solution

Did you know?

Over  72% of businesses that lose large amounts of data from failed technology systems, end up going out of business within the first year?

Why risk this?

The sad thing is that these business failures and data losses could have been prevented with a small investment in a Business Continuity Solution.

Business Continuity Solutions:

  • Are available for a low monthly payment,
  • Back up all your mission-critical data, in a safe and secured offsite location, and
  • Ensure that email systems and telephones can be used over a cloud-hosted system.

Many of Dynamix’s Clients Are Already Protected—Are You One of Them?

Many of our clients already use our Business Continuity Solutions; but some of you still haven’t made this critical investment to safeguard your important business data and operations.

Ask yourself honestly, would your business recover if a major storm hit and knocked out power for days?  Would your important electronic data be immediately accessible?  Would you be able to make and receive important calls if telephone lines were down? Would you be able to send emails or browse for much-needed information online if your Internet service was disrupted? For many of you, the answer is simply no—meaning, your business and your livelihood is in jeopardy.

So What Should You Do?

If you aren’t using Dynamix’s Business Continuity Solutions, we urge you to contact us today to learn how we can protect and save your business.

It’s time to take business continuity seriously before it’s too late. A business continuity solution doesn’t cost much to deploy and run.  And it can save you thousands in the future, keeping your business running while others are out of business.

Call us today at 416.657.2449 to arrange your no-obligation Business Continuity Consultation.

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