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How to Set Up Cloud-based Disaster Recovery Correctly

Imagine this scenario: disaster strikes, blocking off access to your facility. You’re not fazed, though. Your company has cloud backup, so you should be able to resume normal operations quickly, right? Setting up a cloud disaster recovery plan involves more than backing files up in the cloud. Read more to learn about how to set up cloud-based disaster recovery correctly.


6 Ways Cloud Service Saves The Day

Cloud service computing has transformed the way small businesses view technology and what it can do for them. Cloud service allows you access to a wide range of capabilities that was only previously available to larger companies, giving you the comfort of tapping into common services and software to pay for and distribute things you need or use on a

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5 Benefits of Cloud Computing That You Might Have Missed

Cloud computing, “the cloud” SaaS, are terms that are oftenly heard throughout the business and technology world. This is for good reason, as the benefits of cloud computing are vast for both large and small businesses. The most immediate benefits of cloud computing include cost reduction and remote access. Here we outline five benefits of cloud computing that you may not yet

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