Disaster Recovery Plan


6 Questions to Ask When Creating a Disaster Recovery Plan

Disasters – when they strike – can cause a significant amount of loss to a business. They can give business leaders sleepless nights. However, you can mitigate a disaster’s impact on business by putting an IT disaster recovery strategy in place.


What is the Difference Between Incremental and Differential Backups?

Backing up your data is a highly advisable security measure that creates peace of mind for users. The modern method for this practice revolves around ‘smart’ backups. These are incremental and differential backups. They have the advantage of only backing up changed files to save time and disk space. This makes sense because only a small amount of user data

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4 Technology Problems that Impact Business Productivity & How to Fix Them

Information technology has the potential to significantly affect a company’s growth when used effectively. On the contrary, if your company is having issues related to technology, effective business tools turn into hassles and barriers get in the way of company goals. Not to mention, the impact technology issues have on business productivity.


Why Every Business Needs Backup and Disaster Recovery

In the digitally dependent year of 2017, businesses can’t afford to lose their data. Whether this occurs from cyber-attack, human error, or natural disaster, data loss is quite the risk to put on your company. This is why an effective backup and disaster recovery (BDR) solution is essential to virtually every business. But first, what is BDR (Backup and Disaster

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4 Mistakes That Make Your Disaster Recovery Plan Useless

This scenario might sound familiar: you’ve spent time and effort creating a disaster recovery plan. You’re proud of the work that you put into it. But what if you found out that there were mistakes that rendered all of that planning absolutely useless? Read on to learn about errors in disaster recovery planning and how you can avoid them.


75% Of Small Business Owners Don’t Have A Disaster Recovery Plan

All types of business are exposed to disaster risks, including fires, earthquakes, floods and other types of catastrophes. The most affected tend to be small businesses, which tend to operate on thinner margins than their larger competitors. Despite the fact that many businesses are exposed to threats, few have even a basic plan of action in the event of a

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