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What metrics count in managed IT service industry?

Many companies are embracing the services of an IT service provider purely owing to the fact that they are worried about the security threats caused due to the expanding teams and increasing probability of human error and negligence. Many companies also opt to work with a managed IT services provider since they also want to prove that they adhere to

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Planning to outsource IT? Here’s a guide that can help you

    Outsourced IT services have helped companies grow their business and help them align their focus on the actions that deliver growth and superior client satisfaction. Gone are the days when outsourcing seemed like a gamble. Now people can capitalize on technologies and services that the IT partner specializes in. By leveraging and maximizing the opportunities at hand, businesses

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Yahoo to Increase Encryption Efforts to Evade NSA Spying

Yahoo plans to increase its encryption efforts, in order to keep data hidden from the National Security Agency. The announcement comes after claims that the NSA has been spying on Yahoo, and various other companies, without their knowledge or permission. According to Yahoo, encrypting all data flow to and from Yahoo will be optional by…