Network Security


8 Benefits of Mobile Device Management

We live in a society where technological advancements drive consumer demand for mobile devices. These devices are constantly evolving to create endless possibilities for users. This aligns with the consensus of the general public, who are constantly on the go and look to enhance their everyday lives with tablets, mobile phones, and other devices.


What Is A Network Security Assessment and What Are Its Benefits?

Since 2009, security incident have compounded at an annual growth rate of 66%. When confronted with these statistics, it’s easy to become worried about your company’s internal network security. In order to battle these network security threats, the first thing your company should do is conduct a network security assessment.


Get Rid Of Your Network Security Problems Once And For All

The issue of network security can often keep IT managers and administrators awake at night, and there’s a good reason why: it’s a dangerous world out there on the internet. You may know to never to give your bank details out to an untrustworthy site, or respond to a phishing email, but there are plenty more dangers out there that

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Network Monitoring Services – Why You Need Them

Many businesses are turning to third party network monitoring services.  The number of exploits on the internet is staggering, and trying to keep up with all the new ones coming out each day can cost an IT department one person just to scan everything on the network for every exploit possible, find the hardware involved, and then install the patches.

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WordPress Plugin Vulnerabilities List: What To Look For

Did you know that more than 73% of WordPress websites are vulnerable to data thieves, hackers and malware attacks? You would want to believe it’s the huge sites with a large membership and commerce shopping sites, but in reality, small sites and even some simple portfolio sites are becoming susceptible to attacks. Active sites, even with little traffic can be

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What Can IT Companies Do To Fight Back Government Surveillance Software

Many blogs are urgently requesting that persons on the Web fight back against Internet Surveillance Software.  February 11th has been designated as the official day which a coalition of activist organizations and Internet platforms fight back against governmental involvement. How Does Aaron Swartz Feature Into all This? The effort put forth also commemorates famed activist Aaron Swartz.  Swartz was incarcerated

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How Your Company Can Optimize Its Network Security Budget

The statistics are frightening. In an FBI survey about cyber security, 90 percent of those responding said they had suffered a computer security breach in the previous year. A full 80 percent admitted these breaches were directly responsible for financial losses from fraud and the theft of proprietary information. The lack of proper computer network security is a hazard businesses

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