Outsourced IT services


Did You Know You Could Outsource Your IT And Keep It In Canada?

There’s plenty of controversy and passionate debate around offshoring outsourcing duties to countries outside of Canada. While some believe the issue revolves around jobs stolen from Canadians, numbers suggest that the bigger issue is the lack of quality provided by offshoring, especially in terms of hosted IT services.


How to Execute Your Outsourced IT Project

There are a variety of reasons to outsource your IT project. It can be cheaper and faster, sometimes your workers simply cannot make it to the office, and sometimes the best for the job simply don’t live in the same country as you, and securing visas can be an arduous process.


What IT Services Can I Outsource?

You may have heard that you can save money by outsourcing your IT services. But you may not be sure which tech services can be supported virtually. Just remote support? Security too? Let’s explore some of the common outsourceable IT services for small businesses, and why your company would benefit from getting outside help for your tech needs. Archiving Services

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4 Reasons We Love Outsourced IT Solutions and You Will Too

When it comes to managing our technology resources, we love outsourced IT solutions. After you read four of the biggest reasons why we love them so much, you will start to love them as well. 1. You get your IT support handled by the best in the business   As you well know, there is nothing better than getting a specialized task handled

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Why Outsourced IT Support is a Huge Hit in Healthcare

We recently reported that outsourced IT support in the healthcare industry will create a “market worth 50.4 billion by 2018.” This is a huge leap from the (still substantial) 35 billion in 2013. Why is outsourced IT support such a huge hit in the healthcare industry? This article will explore the facts that have created this boom. The amount of

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Having Headaches about Your IT Budget? Here’s How You Can Cut the Cost

We’re facing a particularly tough economic period, and many companies are looking for ways to cut down their costs, including their oversized in-house IT budgets. Sound familiar? If your role as Chief Information Officer involves figuring out ways to reduce costs in your department, you’re probably already aware of outsourced IT support and some of the monetary savings it can bring. However,

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