Security Alerts


Does Your Business Do Enough To Mitigate Risk?

  Every business in Toronto should have a strategy and best practices in place to mitigate risks of online hacks, unauthorized access and breaches of security. Businesses hold a large amount of data and personal information about their business practices, staff, contractors and customers. With the privilege of data collection comes the responsibility to protect it from harm. Don’t wait

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If You’re Not Protecting Against Hackers, You May Face Charges

  One of the more significant rulings affecting large companies that do business online took place when the FTC won a case that allows damages to be awarded and charges to be laid if a business doesn’t take the appropriate steps to protect the information of its customers.


Why Your Business Needs Mobile Security Now!

PC protection has been the standard for some time now – our computers store corporate data, important files, and sensitive information, so we protect them. Why aren’t many businesses covering themselves from all angles? Mobile devices today have equal access to company information, and they’re at even greater risk of breaches due to use of…


Preventing Mobile Malware Attacks in Canadian Business

According to a recent article on the IT Business Edge blog, many people understand that there are viruses that can attack their personal computers. However, many don’t understand that there are viruses that can attack mobile phones as well. If you’ve heard the term “mobile malware,” then you’ve heard about these viruses that are designed…