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Managed IT Services in Toronto

Modern businesses rely on information technology to store, manipulate, send, and retrieve data. This data could be credit card details of customers, stock in a warehouse, names of employees, as well as transactions carried out online between businesses and their clients. Traditionally, businesses relied on in house IT departments. Today, thanks to cloud computing, businesses can outsource their IT services

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IT Services In Toronto: Quality over Quantity

Companies of all sizes are turning to outsourcing to cope with the escalating costs of full–time employees, and to find more efficient, skilled, and specialized professionals. Outsourcing is the strategic delegation of a company’s business processes to external agencies or third parties, leveraging a wide range of benefits ranging from service innovation, improved product quality, and lower labor costs. Experts

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The Security Risks Involved with Public Wi-Fi Connections

Most of us connect to public Wi-Fi hotspots. When you’re far away from home and you need to check your email, you’re probably going to find a public Wi-Fi hotspot. Simple enough, right? We have a huge variety of public Wi-Fi connections available to us, and many of us are constantly on-the-go with our mobile…