10 Tips for Purchasing Small Business Computer Systems

When tasked with purchasing small business computer systems, it can be a bit intimidating. What kind of device do you need? Are there brands that are better than others? How much memory is required? To help you answer all your questions, here are our 10 tips for purchasing small business computer systems.


United States Businesses to Spend $13 Billion On the “Cloud”

More business is heading skyward. A lot of our IT outsourcing clients in Toronto and the GTA come to us asking for cloud-solutions, and they’re far from alone. According to, US businesses are poised to spend a whopping $13 billion on cloud computing. “Instead of a slow-moving fluffy white cloud image, the cloud computing industry should use a tornado

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What Can IT Companies Do To Fight Back Government Surveillance Software

Many blogs are urgently requesting that persons on the Web fight back against Internet Surveillance Software.  February 11th has been designated as the official day which a coalition of activist organizations and Internet platforms fight back against governmental involvement. How Does Aaron Swartz Feature Into all This? The effort put forth also commemorates famed activist Aaron Swartz.  Swartz was incarcerated

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IT Services In Toronto: Quality over Quantity

Companies of all sizes are turning to outsourcing to cope with the escalating costs of full–time employees, and to find more efficient, skilled, and specialized professionals. Outsourcing is the strategic delegation of a company’s business processes to external agencies or third parties, leveraging a wide range of benefits ranging from service innovation, improved product quality, and lower labor costs. Experts

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The Merits of Managed IT Services in Toronto

In general, managed IT services consist of broadband, VPN, security services (firewall), and IP communications provided by a single service provider to corporate enterprises in compliance with a service level agreement (SLA). Some of the popular managed IT services in Toronto include: Broadband connections and data link layers. Dedicated and customizable VPN services. Security services such as firewalls to control

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Safety Issues When Using Password Managers

Every time we sign up to a new service, we are asked to enter a password that we will use to access that service. This is a simple security requirement, and one we are all accustomed to. The problem is trying to keep track of all the passwords we need if we follow standard security advice. That advice includes the

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Global Managed Services Market to Reach $256.05 Billion

We’ve written a number of articles that chart the growth of managed services. Markham and Toronto area businesses have seen the benefits of outsourcing IT and managed services, as has the rest of the world. The managed services market is estimated to grow from $142.75 billion in 2013 to $256.05 billion in 2018. “The recent trend in the industry shows

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Report: Managed Services Cut IT costs by 30-40%

From Toronto to Markham, businesses in the GTA are facing more complex IT needs than ever. This is why so many companies are looking into managed services and IT outsourcing. It can be a massive cost-saver. In fact, a recent report from MarketsandMarkets estimates that managed services can trim at least 30% of your IT spending by reducing the costs

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Can Calgary’s Flood Happen In The GTA?

Can what happened in Calgary hit the Greater Toronto Area? Disasters happen all around us.  This week marked the one year anniversary of the roof collapse in Elliott Lake.  Calgary’s downtown is shut down for days and the city estimates 10 years until it is “back to normal” and many more examples of natural and technical disasters ruining the livelihood

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Are You Ready for IPv6?

The wait is over. On June 6, 2012, Internet Protocol version 6 will launch. Some companies such as Facebook have already launched IPv6, which replaces IPv4, in production mode. The Internet Society, a global independent source of leadership for Internet policy, technology standards and future development, organized the scheduled launch in response to the World…