Dark Web Monitoring & Identity Theft Protection Services

Dynamix Solutions now offers dark web monitoring services and identity theft protection to help Canadian businesses boost security and provide customers added peace of mind.

In today’s online marketplace businesses hold a large amount of data about their business, staff, contractors and customers, and this may include highly sensitive personal information. Hacks and data breaches are becoming more and more common, despite safeguards in place, and the breadth of damage to a compromised business can be astronomical in both cost and reputation.

What Is The Dark Web?

The dark web is made up of communities located in the outer realms of the internet. More than 50% of dark web communities are involved in criminal activities, including the purchase and sale of business credentials and personal data. Digital credentials, such as usernames and passwords, are among the most valuable assets criminals seek out on the dark web. Online best practices dictate that individuals should use different passwords for their online services, but the fact is many users use the same or very similar passwords for each of their online logins.

With dark web monitoring and identity theft protection services, Dynamix Solutions offers an added layer of security to businesses by implementing cybersecurity best practices, searching all corners of the dark web for potential compromised data, and immediately issuing an alert if business data has been located.

How Does Dark Web Monitoring Protect Your Business?

Activity on the dark web is usually anonymous and untraceable, making it an ideal platform for unscrupulous activity to occur, including the purchase and sale of stolen credentials. A single piece of personal information might be harmless on its own, but with the ability to aggregate data the damage can be severe. Multiple data points about a single individual can be collected and sold, resulting in the potential for identity theft.

There is no single solution that can protect a business against all possible online hacks or cyberattacks, but there are steps a business can implement to mitigate against the most common attacks; those due to human error and insufficient cybersecurity practices.

At Dynamix Solutions we specialize in protecting businesses like yours from falling victim to increasingly complex online threats and breaches of data. Dark web monitoring and identity theft protection services provide businesses with the ability to quickly identify if a cyberattack has occurred, if any digital credentials are exposed on the dark web, and mitigate the consequences.

How Can Your Business Mitigate The Risks of Cyberattacks?

Dynamix Solutions network and IT services include a security risk assessment to help businesses understand the level of risk that exists in assets and systems, procedures, policies and controls. Dynamix Solutions also offers security awareness training for your employees to recognize and avoid phishing attacks and other malicious activities that target human vulnerabilities.

It is vital for your business to have processes in place to minimize the potential of a security breach of business data, such as IT cloud security services and dark web monitoring services, or risk being liable for damages should any digital assets be compromised.

Dark Web Monitoring & Identity Theft Protection Services Include:

Security risk audit and assessment
24/7/365 dark web monitoring of business domains
Instant alerts of potential security breaches and hacks
Monitoring of hacker sites, chatrooms, and social media
Protection and monitoring of servers for potential botnets and malware data harvesting
Protection and monitoring of business networks and potential P2P file leaks
Security awareness training for employees
IT cloud security services
Cybersecurity best practices implementation

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