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Microsoft Phone Scams In Canada – They’re Back!

Last May, Microsoft Canada IT Professional Chris Di Lullo posted a great blog post regarding a phone scam that was hitting Canadians. It looks like they are back in full swing now that school is back and everyone is back to work from the summer vacation. Pierre Roman mentioned in a Microsoft IT Pro blog post that he received…


What is Ransomware and What is its Financial Impact?

Ransomware attacks can be extremely costly as it can impact a business’s productivity, reputation, and continuity.  It is never advised to pay a ransom, but many business’s do. Ransomware is a malicious software that is designed to block its victim’s access to a computer system until a sum of money has been paid. It has some key characteristics that differentiate

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Why Every Business Needs Backup and Disaster Recovery

In the digitally dependent year of 2017, businesses can’t afford to lose their data. Whether this occurs from cyber-attack, human error, or natural disaster, data loss is quite the risk to put on your company. This is why an effective backup and disaster recovery (BDR) solution is essential to virtually every business. But first, what is BDR (Backup and Disaster

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Losing sleep over cloud security? Let A Managed IT Services Company Handle Your Security!

With all the recent news of malware attacks and hacking, there is a never ending need for strong IT cloud security services. It has become fairly evident nobody is safe from these security issues. Many organizations take it for granted that their cloud security is flawless and that it has been taken care of by the provider. Often, organizations using

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Some common security issues you need to pay attention to while using the cloud

Breach of data Cloud management systems are often targeted owing to the large volume of data that is stored. Depending on the kind of data that is stored and the importance of it, the impact of a potential breach is massive. Recently some hackers from Russia hacked into and leaked data from a healthcare cloud storage system. Athletes including members

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Your Employees’ iPhones Are NOT Hack-Proof

Do your employees love their iPhones so much that you’d have to pry them out of their cold, dead hands? Apple devotees boast about the numerous advantages their devices have over competitors. One of the things they say is that iPhones are hack-proof. Unfortunately for them, that isn’t the case. Read on to learn the security risks of using an

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How To Find Network Security Weak Spots (Before Hackers Do)

How many times in the past year have you read about hackers bypassing major companies’ security to steal confidential and valuable information? You’ve probably lost track of the number. And you’re definitely worried that you could be next. How can you prevent your company from becoming a statistic? Read on to learn about finding weak spots in your network security

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Lessons Learned From Your First Data Disaster

A data disaster can be a vital learning experience. Now that you’ve had that first disaster, it’s time to revisit — or create — a disaster recover (DR) plan to safeguard your IT investment and business.


The Importance of IT Mobility For Your Small Business

IT mobility began as a trend for personal use. However, business owners and executives in all industries have come to recognize the benefit IT mobility brings to the table; and for some it’s become a necessity. Small businesses all over the world have reshaped their business models to include the use of IT mobile devices…