Disaster Recovery: Have You Considered DR Testing in Your Annual Review?

Your business may have the best disaster and recovery plan known to man. However, that means nothing if it doesn’t work when you need it most.

That’s why it’s important to test out your disaster recovery plans at least once a year. This testing determines whether your plan works, and if it doesn’t, what can be done to fix it.

How Do You Test a Disaster Recovery Plan?

There are three steps to testing a disaster recovery plan. The first step is reviewing the plan. During the review, a team consisting of the person who has authored the plan and the people who will be carrying it out discuss what’s missing and what needs to be updated in it. They need to examine the plan very carefully to ensure that they don’t overlook something which could turn out to be crucial later.

The second step is running a tabletop exercise. In a tabletop exercise, the team gathers to demonstrate what to do in an emergency. They pretend that a disaster has befallen the company, and team members take turns explaining what actions they would take in this event. A tabletop exercise is an essential component of disaster recovery testing. It shows whether team members are knowledgeable and prepared to handle a crisis.

Finally, the team runs a simulation of a disaster. This differs from the tabletop exercise because the team uses business resources such as computers and the corporate network to test the disaster recovery plan. The team formulates a scenario and tests how they would handle the situation if it occurred in real life. During the simulation, team members might go offsite to restart networks or other business functions.

How Do You Gauge Success?

How do you know if your disaster recovery plan testing has succeeded? Oddly enough, the sign of success can be failure.

While it’s important to test your disaster recovery plan at least once a year, it’s even more critical to see how the team responds to the test. If they are able to deal with one scenario, give them a more difficult situation. Should the team fail to restore mission-critical business systems in that scenario, evaluate what went wrong and how you can improve the response to disaster.

The point of performing a test is to reveal problems and solve them before something goes wrong in real life. Did your team sail through the test? That’s when you need to be suspicious.

Dynamix Solutions: Your Trusted Disaster Recovery Plan Specialists

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