Get Rid Of Your Network Security Problems Once And For All

network security servicesThe issue of network security can often keep IT managers and administrators awake at night, and there’s a good reason why: it’s a dangerous world out there on the internet. You may know to never to give your bank details out to an untrustworthy site, or respond to a phishing email, but there are plenty more dangers out there that companies operating on the world wide web should be aware of.

When security threats regularly featuring on the news and affecting large companies such as Amazon, Facebook and Google (as with the ‘Heartbleed’ bug back in April) it can seem like no-one is safe from security breaches. You may think your small business is 100 per cent secure, or that an attack will never happen to you because your business is not as big as Google or Facebook, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Misconfiguration Proliferation

According to Gartner, over 95 per cent of all firewall breaches will be caused by simple misconfigurations, NOT vulnerabilities. So, if you’re obsessing over any vulnerabilities in your network security, the chances are that you could be looking in the wrong place.

Cyber Attacks

This year alone we’ve seen a great deal of cyber-attacks and data breaches, exposing customer records and data as well as financial information from big companies. Back in February, Hold Security analysts made the announcement that they had managed to get hold of a list of 360 million account credentials for various web services via the black market. In February and March, eBay was to suffer the biggest hacking attack so far, and embarrassingly had to ask for all its customers to change their passwords. Are you truly safe from a cyber-attack?

Mobile Security

As mobile business usage continues to become more mainstream, experts have increasingly been warning us about the potential for mobile malware. Now it seems those threats have come to fruition, as many companies are now fighting a wave of handheld attacks, and refocusing their efforts on internal controls and ensuring these are validated to avoid the situation escalating further.

VIP Access Laxness 

Overly permissive connectivity within businesses to their legitimate partners can in fact prove quite risky, as some of the more recent data breaches and network security problems show. One way to combat this is to improve the ability to track and keep control of these pathways into your network, and be tighter with your security.


Botnets continue to be an ongoing issue in 2014, as malware developers target and leverage established beachheads often found within large enterprise networks. It’s thought with better policing we can quell such attacks by being more cautious regarding both inbound and outbound traffic.


With so many real network security problems and threats out there, the importance of keeping your network security up-to-date has never been such a high priority. The bottom line is, it’s better to be safe than sorry, as modern network security threats can have a devastating effect on your business, no matter what its size.

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