Google Chrome overtakes Firefox

The holiday season is almost here and it is one reason to rejoice for most of us. Chrome, however, has more than one reason to be happy.

According to StatCounter, a Web analytics company, Google Chrome has finally surpassed Mozilla Firefox to become the second most used web browser in the world. This doesn’t come across as a surprise, though. Chrome had already overtaken Firefox in the UK back in July 2011.

StatCounter’s research arm, StatCounter Global Stats, says Chrome now has 25.7 percent of the worldwide market. Firefox isn’t too far behind, though – it still owns 25.23 percent of the worldwide market. And as far as the first place is concerned, the winner still happens to be Microsoft’s Internet Explorer with 40.63 percent globally. However, the bad news – for Firefox and IE, that is – is that their market share is declining fast. Google Chrome, on the other hand, seems to gaining more by the day.

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