Google Entering The Movie Business In Canada

Just one day after Blockbuster Canada announced the closing of its remaining movie rental outlets; Google has announced the launch of an online movie service called YouTube Movies in Canada. This move by Google puts the internet giant in a situation equivalent to what one would call locking horns with Netflix, which offers Canadians unlimited access to thousands of movies and TV shows, just for $8 a month!

Launched in the US earlier this year, YouTube Movies allows users to rent new and classic movies for about $3.99 or $4.99. If you’re thinking of subscribing, you should know that you’ll have 30 days from the moment you rent a movie to begin watching it and once you begin watching it, you’ll have to finish it in 48 hours.

Don’t worry; the Canadian version of YouTube Movies will offer many more Canadian productions than its US counterpart. We are sure it doesn’t want the CRTC breathing down its neck for not including enough Canadian content! We’ve also come to know that Google has established partnerships with several distribution companies such as Alliance Films; that will definitely make them stand out.

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