Google Set To Punish Content Scrapers

Content scraping (a term for stealing content from other sources, in case you didn’t know); looks like Google has finally decided to do something about it! In what has been said to be one of its strongest anti-copying measures, Google has decided to let users directly report websites that appear to be scraping content from other sources. So, whether you are happy to hear this (because you always create your own content) or are taken by surprise (because you’re a copycat), here are some things Google is trying to tell you:

1. Do NOT Copy Content: Trust us; copying content is the last thing you want to do. You might say, “How about I make a few tweaks to the copied content? No one will ever know!” Sorry to burst your bubble, but they will! And there is every chance of them telling on you. The result? You’ll be banned from Google and your online reputation will be tainted, forever!

Besides, why would you copy content from someone else when you have your own unique company to talk (err… write) about?

2. Protect your content: Yes!! Now that Google has decided to punish copycats, honest website owners can finally sigh with relief. (Certain marketing websites that had stolen content had rankings higher than the ones with the original content. How outrageous is that?) Nonetheless, you’ve got reason to keep your content protected because someone might still want to steal the content that originally belongs to you. We recommend you work with a business web designer who can protect your content.

3. Don’t let your site go stagnant: Keep your business website fresh with fresh content. At least one blog post a week or active social media presence should up your chances of getting higher rankings what with search engines placing higher emphasis on sites with fresh content.

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