Help Protect Your Friends And Family From Phone Scams

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A few weeks ago, I was surprised to get a call from Microsoft offering to help “fix my window”.  This was surprising because:

  1. My window wasn’t broken and having worked at Microsoft for a while, I’m pretty sure we don’t do home repairs.
  2. Microsoft doesn’t call people out of the blue to offer technical support (I knew what he was really talking about).

When I replied that I didn’t realize that Microsoft had anything to do with the windows on my house and there wasn’t anything wrong with them, the caller quickly set me straight.  This was about my computer and he was going to help me, all I had to do was give him some information and then install a program on my PC.

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Here is a great website for anti-fraud in Canada.

Here is a great information graphic produced by Microsoft.

Microsoft Phone Scams

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