How to Create an Effective E-Newsletter Campaign

E-newsletters are a great way to keep clients and prospective clients informed about your business and the products or services it offers. If you’re going to embark on an e-newsletter campaign, you will, of course, want it to be effective.

The first step toward an effective e-newsletter campaign is identifying your target audience.

  • What kind of product do you sell, or what kind of service do you provide?
  • Are your customers businesses or individuals?
  • If individuals, do you have a target age demographic or socioeconomic demographic?
  • If businesses are your customers, what’s your industry focus?

All of these things and more need to be considered before you do anything else.

The next thing you need to consider is the goal of your newsletter. Do you want to cultivate new clients or retain current clients? Maybe you’d like to send out a newsletter that will interest new clients and while simultaneously helping you retain current clients. Another option is to have two separate newsletters. Depending on your budget, this could be a viable option.

There are several other things to consider before embarking on an email newsletter campaign, but those first steps are the most important. Now, it’s time to start thinking about the newsletter itself.

You can find templates online that facilitate creating attractive newsletters than won’t get relegated to junk status by spam filters. You can help that by creating a subject line for your e-newsletter that is not only more likely to get it delivered to your recipient’s inbox but also more likely to get it opened. If you include several articles in your e-newsletter, using a headline from one that is particularly relevant to your target audience is a good way to increase the odds that your e-newsletter will be opened.

Relevant content isn’t content that talks solely about your company’s products or services. This type of newsletter could end up being marked as spam by the recipient and then deleted. Relevant content is anything that your target audience might find interesting such as tips, current trends, interesting facts, etc. And advertising should be kept to a minimum and in the margins.

Formatting is also essential to an effective e-newsletter campaign.

  • Short sentences and paragraphs are easier to read, as are bullets.
  • Pictures help break up the monotony of text.
  • A consistent font style will make your newsletter more attractive and give it a professional appearance. If you decide to use different fonts, it’s a good idea to use no more than two.

Some newsletters only have the introductory paragraphs of articles followed by links that lead to the companies’ websites for the rest. Make sure these links go where they’re supposed to go. Also check any links that appear in the body of full-length articles. The last – and probably most important – link to check is the unsubscribe link at the bottom of your newsletter. This one must work, and it must be included in every e-newsletter you send. One thing you don’t want to do is turn people off by denying them the option to unsubscribe.

When all of your preparations have been completed, email your newsletter to yourself. It’s a good idea to have Outlook, Apple, Gmail, Yahoo! and Hotmail accounts because they are the most commonly used. This will give you some idea how your e-newsletter will look to recipients when they open it.

A lot goes into creating an effective e-newsletter campaign. With the right preparations, you could create an email newsletter that keeps your business thriving – and growing – for years to come.

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