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How many times in the past year have you read about hackers bypassing major companies’ security to steal confidential and valuable information?

You’ve probably lost track of the number. And you’re definitely worried that you could be next. How can you prevent your company from becoming a statistic? Read on to learn about finding weak spots in your network security before hackers do.

Preventing Wireless Sniffing

One of the most important methods hackers use to steal data is called “sniffing.” The term refers to a program or a device that monitors information passing through a network.

Sniffers can do a great deal of damage. However, there is a way to stop them. Many software detection programs can sense whether a sniffer is running on a given computer or a network.

The best defense against sniffing is to use encryption. Encryption transforms data into an unreadable code. The only way you can see the information properly is if you’ve got the encryption key, which translates it back to its previous state.

Educate Employees

Surprisingly, one of the weakest spots in your network security is your employees. It’s not so difficult to identify a problem on a network or a device. Your employees, however, can commit all sorts of gaffes without you realizing it. And their mistakes can take quite a bit longer to detect.

Hackers frequently rely on a technique called “social engineering” to gain access to information. “Social engineering” relies on people’s basic good and trusting nature in order to trick them into sharing data they wouldn’t otherwise part with.

For example, a hacker breaks into a network. He or she needs passwords and other credentials to steal information. So, the hacker sends out an email that appears to be from the HR department. This email requests usernames and passwords for what sounds like an innocent purpose. Because the employee doesn’t want to be uncooperative, he or she replies to the email, giving the criminal powerful data quickly and simply.

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