Your “Smart Cover” for your iPad

It’s all about wares for your iPad this week and the best thing; you don’t have to get rid of your beloved Smart Cover to get them! In fact, manufacturers have created protection that address the flaws of Apple’s Cover and enhances its functionality so that you get the best out of your “Smart Cover” and your iPad. Here is a sneak peek into some cases that gel really well with your iPad and iPad2:

1. Bracketron: Available in landscape and portrait configurations, the iRoom iDock (for iPad and iPad 2) can be mounted on a wall and has been designed for effortless docking and undocking. You can trust it to keep your tablet secure because it has a motorized mechanism that makes it easy to secure your tablet with the docking mechanism. Coming in black or white, the iDock can be activated via a proximity center too!

2. Choiix: This super-thin carrying case supports the iPad and a number of other tablets, such as the LG Optima or HP Touchpad and makes carrying your device around extremely convenient. Weighing a mere 145 grams, the Sleeve 2E (iPad and iPad 2; price unavailable) has a set of magnetic straps that keep everything secure. And the polyurethane eco-leather construction that is sure to keep the environment-friendly happy and the style conscious amazed.

3. LostDog: This back case (for iPad 2) – which has been aptly named “Won’t Let You Down” – comes with a patent-pending locking system that keeps your Smart Cover securely attached.  Made of durable and recyclable polycarbonate, the case is only one millimetre thick and weighs just 65 grams. Available in black or white, it can be yours at just $30.

4. Macally: Also made of polycarbonate, this back case named SmartMatec (for iPad 2) lives up to its name and protects your tablet while holding a Smart Cover tightly in place. Bearing cutouts for all the appropriate ports, buttons, and camera openings, this one lets you take your pick in colours clear, black or white.

5. OtterBox: The Reflex Series Case (iPad 2) is one powerful package. Bearing a built-in touch screen protector that doubles up as a viewing and typing stand, the device also has a design that lets you use Apple’s dock-connector case easily without compromising the protective capabilities of the case. And what’s more? It has a unique audio pathway that redirects sound from the back of the device towards you for improved audio output. All these amazing features and you’ll have to pay only $70!

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