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With all the recent news of malware attacks and hacking, there is a never-ending need for strong IT cloud security services.

It has become fairly evident nobody is safe from these security issues. Many organizations take it for granted that their cloud security is flawless and that it has been taken care of by the provider.

Often, organizations using public cloud assume that their cloud provider is taking care of security and they may even have assurances of that from the provider. The customers normally place an immense amount of trust in the provider and sometimes have a very limited view of the cloud infrastructure. There is a tendency for a customer to sometimes overlook the cloud security and it isn’t overseen with the same level of vigil as the applications that are on-premise.

When the cloud goes down there is an impact that not only derails your day to day activities but also throws into doubt your business vision. The fear of downtime has always been in the minds of the business owners. Being unable to access relevant data and services owing to downtime can affect many businesses and services.

On October 21st Dyn, an American company that manages Internet traffic was a victim of an attack. The east coast of the US suffered server crashes and services like Twitter, Spotify, Netflix, Amazon, Tumblr, Reddit, PayPal were inaccessible.

Losing time and money in addition to the loss of data can prove to be a very expensive blow indeed. Owing to such lapses in security many industries in finance, healthcare and IT fail to even meet industry regulations and standards.

Security breaches often result in reputation damage and increase the risk of greater threats. Many such incidents have shown that the cost involved in rectifying this issue is significant and unplanned for. Many officials are held accountable for the same and sometimes are even forced to give up their official roles owing to the problems suffered.

Experts claim that the cloud technology itself isn’t at fault. But the human errors and inability to use appropriate levels of security caused the problems. People may often tend to take it easy and compromise on the level of security.

More and more organizations are seeking partners who can deliver top quality cloud security and especially those who can provide it across different layers of the operation. There is a need for specialists across the spectrum that can efficiently ensure that no breach is happening.

A lot more emphasis is laid on pro-active systems that help to identify and notify the users of the breaches or any such lapse in security.

Partnering with the right provider helps to not only minimize operating costs and enhance brand image, but it also gives businesses the liberty on focusing on progressive business actions. You need a partner who isn’t merely there to safeguard the cloud. You need a proactive and updated service provider who can add valuable inputs to your business too.

For over 15 years, the team at Dynamix Solutions has successfully helped several clients by providing a wide range of network security solutions designed to let them get on with the business of doing business.

If you have any questions about what our services can do for you, simply fill out the form to get a free quote. You can also call us at our Toronto office (647) 694-2869, or our Calgary office (587) 315-4170.


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