Microsoft Phone Scams In Canada – They’re Back!

Last May, Microsoft Canada IT Professional Chris Di Lullo posted a great blog post regarding a phone scam that was hitting Canadians. It looks like they are back in full swing now that school is back and everyone is back to work from the summer vacation. Pierre Roman mentioned in a Microsoft IT Pro blog post that he received…


Some New Hardware Requirements For Windows 8.1

While Microsoft continues to release exciting new details about their updated OS Windows 8.1, previewers are realizing what a huge improvement it really is. Of course, with Windows 8.1’s native support for Miracast wireless displays, NFC (near field communication) capabilities, Internet sharing, biometric authentication and Wi-Fi Direct print; you would expect some specific hardware requirements. Microsoft has updated…


Microsoft Launches Final Windows 8 Preview

A third Windows 8 Release Preview became available for downloading on May 31, 2012. That same day, in a post on Microsoft’s MSDN blog, Steven Sinofsky announced that this final preview, before the Windows 8 RTM (release to manufacturing), contains the Windows 8 operating system, Internet Explorer 10, new Windows 8 apps for connecting to…


The Future Of Technology – Microsoft’s Concept 2020

Here’s a video that shows what the future could look like in 2020 according to Microsoft:


Microsoft Office Tip: Making Labels For Mass Mailing

Are you looking forward to sending a mass mailing? Are you worried about doing it because you don’t know how to use mail merge to create a sheet of address labels? If so, you’ve landed on the right page. Here are five steps to mail merge that will answer all your questions: Set up the labels: What you will be

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Phony Microsoft Phone Scams Target Canadian Consumers

You have just received a phone call from an official-sounding computer company, most probably Microsoft and the caller says there are viruses in your household computer and offers to repair the problem through the Internet. You might think how responsible of them to do that. And you might even agree to follow the “repair” steps but think long and hard

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Microsoft Opens Up Brand New Features In Office Web Apps

If you are an Excel or a PowerPoint enthusiast, it is time you geared up for some great user experience. Earlier this month, Microsoft brought about a couple of enhancements in its Office Web Apps to make Excel and PowerPoint more user friendly. This means you will be seeing a whole lot of added features. Let’s see what they are.

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Microsoft Big Easy 6.0 Is Here

If you are thinking of purchasing or renewing software, why not do it via eligible Open License programs, especially at a time when Big Easy 6.0 is providing an incredible offer with the latest Microsoft products? As your local Toronto Microsoft Partner, there are many programs your business can leverage to help ensure the right solutions are in place for

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Don’t Miss Out On Data Mining As a Way To Make Better Decisions

Everywhere a customer makes a purchase for a product or service, they are providing a wealth of information to providers that is never utilized. It used to be that data mining or the process of looking at database records to uncover worthwhile trends or patterns of behaviour were only looked at by statisticians that knew how to analyze all the

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Optimize Your Microsoft Licensing

Microsoft offers businesses throughout the Toronto area many different models and programs that aid in licensing the use of their products and software.  When we meet with Toronto business owners and IT staff,  we find that just sitting down with your Toronto IT support team at Dynamix and exploring options around the different licensing models can save thousands in annual

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