Microsoft Opens Up Brand New Features In Office Web Apps

If you are an Excel or a PowerPoint enthusiast, it is time you geared up for some great user experience. Earlier this month, Microsoft brought about a couple of enhancements in its Office Web Apps to make Excel and PowerPoint more user friendly. This means you will be seeing a whole lot of added features. Let’s see what they are.

For Excel users, the application has been revamped to support workbooks.  Now you will have the ability to use Excel workbooks just like you would use it on a desktop. You can now insert, delete, and rename individual worksheets in a workbook. All you need to do is open your Excel file in the online editor and right-click on a tab for a worksheet that already exists. You’ll be given the familiar options to Insert, Delete, or Rename. Clicking on the Insert button adds a new worksheet in front of your current selection while deleting asks for your confirmation to permanently delete the sheet. Click on Rename and a pop up a dialog box will appear in which you can enter the new name.

And then, there is the popular AutoSum feature which you can use for formula assistance to perform calculations and tap into popular formulas. Located on the toolbar, the AutoSum button has a down arrow so that if you click on it, it presents you with a list of formulas, such as Sum, Average, Max, and Min. The full array of functions can then be tapped into and you can even view them by different categories, such as Commonly Used, Financial, Date & Time, and Statistical.

There is something in store for PowerPoint users too. A new feature has been added to PowerPoint which lets you switch between visual themes used in your presentations at any time. All you need to do is click on the Change Theme button on the toolbar and select one of the 50 amazing themes.

Wait! There is more. The free Office Web Apps can be accessed at its own dedicated Web site which you can use to create and edit your own Office documents stored online through Microsoft’s cloud-based SkyDrive service. You can also get online tips, tricks, and tutorials to use all the programs in Office Web Apps, which include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.

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