Windows 9Microsoft will unveil plans for its successor to Windows 8.1 at their “Build 2014” developer conference from April 2nd to April 4th 2014 in San Francisco, California. The company’s Threshold plans involve a release of Windows 9 around April 2015. Similar to the codename “Blue” for the latest Windows 8.1 releases, “Threshold” is the codename for a wave of new releases.  The following are some of the rumors circulating:

  • The Threshold wave should reveal updates to all three of Windows’ operating systems:  Windows, Xbox One, and Windows Phone. The updates will bring similarities to these systems.
  • Microsoft’s focus will be on improving the app world and tiles. It’s said that they’ll change their Windows 8-style apps so they can run in separate windows on a traditional desktop.
  • Windows 9 will also return the Start Menu if they don’t do it sooner in “Update 2” for Windows 8.1 this year.
  • Microsoft will reportedly use three major milestone development points for Windows 9, however, it’s unclear how many of them will be released during the development period.

Microsoft is in the final planning stages of Windows 9. After the Build 2014 developer conference, Microsoft will begin working on the operating system. Microsoft is using Build 2014 as a launch point for Windows 9, to generate enthusiasm about the new operating system.

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