Most commonly observed security threats

Most commonly observed security threats

Organizations have been taking security related matters very seriously in the last few years.  The statistics reveal the reason behind this sense of concern.

In 2015 alone, more than 100 million records were exposed owing a breach in data. This amounts to an approximate damage in the range of $1 billion. 2015 also saw a 30% increase in the number of such incidents compared to the previous year. A small sized company estimates a loss of $50,000 for every such data theft.

Even though people are aware of the potential damage they face due to the data theft, many are still unaware of the types of threat that could potentially weaken their business. There is an ever increasing need for IT services who provide security to the unsuspecting small and medium sized firms. Here are the

Data theft

Owing to the value that your data holds, criminal elements may attempt to steal your data. The data could belong to customers and could reveal payment information or could be some other data of a sensitive nature. Any data that can potentially harm another person’s safety and security needs to be safeguarded and the people guarding this are liable to legal action in case there is a theft. Losing data sensitive to your own business which could upset your company’s growth and cause you to lose business revenue is another major cause of concern for any firm. Imagine losing intellectual property. This can put your business back in time and situations like this often result in serious consequences.


Many firms and individuals often fall pretty to ransomware. We’ve all received emails that seem harmless and they have managed to gain our attention even though we know that it isn’t relevant to us. Unfortunately, if these emails are sent will ill intent there is a possibility that your system may be under attack from a malware that is being installed on your system without you even knowing about it. This malware is capable of encrypting the data on the hard drive and could affect the shared network as well.

In certain cases the user then receives a message on the screen in the form of a threat that the files have been encrypted and that a ransom needs to be paid in a certain time to ensure that the data is safe. This has happened to a lot of firms and individuals and quite often they lose money or data and is some cases both.

Website security

Most businesses maintain an active presence on the digital medium and the website plays an important role in portraying the brand in good light. They also serve and important role in generating business and revenue.  Many firms have come under the attack in the past by cyber criminals and they have managed to bring down the servers thereby shutting down the webpage.

This results in a downtime and in many cases this is a direct hit on the revenue. The downtime is a massive hit on the brand’s reputation too.

In some cases, the attackers find a way to host a malware on your site. This also installs onto the visitor’s computer when they browse on this site. It takes sometime but eventually Google will sense this and the user starts seeing warning messages before the page loads.

Human element

Owing to a lack of experience there are chances that an attack happens even in the presence of an IT staff. Many a times, it has been seen that attacks weren’t prevented or occurred due to human inefficiencies. Let’s not forget that errors in decision making have led to several attacks in the past.

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