This is pretty cool. A new short film made up entirely of GIFs has been posted online. How long until we see the same thing with Vine, I wonder

The film is called BXBY, and was shot by director Quentin Cherrier, a French photographer. It’s obviously dialogue free, and seeks to combine some carefully chosen visual snippets and create a brief story arc. The marriage of clips and GIFs is dubbed a “un Clif” on Cherrier’s Tumblr site.

The website states that:

“You will certainly watch the first Gif clip on internet ever… or not ! After the Universe, internet is probably the widest thing ever…”

I think we lost something in Google translate there.

The story even contains a chase scene as the GIFs switch back and forth from each person’s perspective. It’s certainly not Superman fighting General Zod high above Metropolis, but it actually comes together quite nicely.

The footage was all captured in a single day and the soundtrack (a funky single track looped in the background) was provided by Augustin Charnet, the lead singer of the band KiD WISE.

The film’s website was designed by artist Elen Blimo. It’s a simple but cool design and you watch the film by simply scrolling down to view the GIFs in order.

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