Purchase Microsoft Products And Get Cash Back

Partner with your team at Dynamix Solutions, invest in Microsoft Office or other leading Microsoft solutions and get some dollars back from our colleagues at Microsoft.

As a Microsoft partner in the Greater Toronto Area, we understand what it takes to operate a success Toronto-area small business.  We all need the tools to do our work and often investing in software is a difficult pill to swallow.  Our friends at Microsoft are making it a bit easier for GTA business to get the right Microsoft solutions.

Have you ever thought what are the many reasons for the unrivaled supremacy of Microsoft. Well, there are many. But one of the most overlooked aspects is the way they care about their users. Most of the packages and subscriptions offered by Microsoft are user oriented and help in saving costs in the long run. So how about their latest subscription offer? Microsoft gives future Microsoft software purchase rights to the subscribers for a value of $15,000. Not only this, on spending this amount you will receive ‘$5,000 Microsoft dollars’. This offer is available with Open Business with Software Assurance, Open Value subscription (for 3 years), Open Value (for the first year).

With the help of the subscription scheme you can build up an IT infrastructure on any standard platform. This will help the businesses to upgrade and respond to the changing needs. The offer provides you the opportunity to manage your software costs better by saving on the costs of buying licenses and spread payment for a time frame of three years. You can also pay for only the products needed and accommodate for the changes in the number of PCs on an annual basis. The hefty task of buying licenses again and again is also simplified with this subscription scheme. You have the chance to upgrade the desktops with the Microsoft® Office system,Windows® Desktop Operating System upgrade, and Client Access Licenses (CALs). Software Assurance which is a part of the package will offer additional use rights, training, support, maintenance services, etc. from Microsoft.

As this is a lucrative offer where Microsoft pays you $5,000 back so you must be aware of the terms and conditions well:

  • You have to buy Microsoft licenses through an Open Business having Software Assurance, Open Value or Open Value Subscription Agreement that is of the value of $15,000 or above.
  • Once your claim is approved you will get a cheque by your selected partner’s name worth $5,000 and you can apply further for the purchase of other software products from Microsoft.
  • One claim per customer.
  • This offer is applicable for all software except those for Windows.

Isn’t it a great deal that Microsoft is offering to its users? But bear in mind the offer is applicable from August 3 – December 31. So if you want to make full use of it then you better make up your mind soon!

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