Remote IT Support Services

At Dynamix Solutions, we provide experienced remote IT support services to help relieve the stress that tech issues cause Canadian business owners.  From hardware CIO service to network administration, cloud services, back-ups and disaster recovery, Dynamix Solutions brings it all.

Give your staff  better level of support, without having to pay for the superfluous expenses that arise when you add a full-time IT employee. In fact, you’re offering more support, at a far better price.

Whether you’re a startup or Fortune 500 enterprise, you trim your IT budget while actually boosting employee productivity.

remote it support

Our Remote IT Support service includes:

System failure notification
Proactive server monitoring and management
Network performance monitoring and analysis
Flexible IT services
24/7 support, at a lower cost
Up-to-date skills and knowledge
The best troubleshooting and management of today’s hardware, software and devices

Cost Savings from Remote IT Support Services

What if you could just pay for the skills required for IT support, without having to pay for full-time employees?  When you have an in-house and full-time support staff, you have to pay for their salaries, equipment/upkeep, benefit plans, sick days/vacation days, and office space.

When you factor in benefits, sick days, taxes and red tape, on average:

A business with one employee and one owner faces an average employment cost of $56,770 per worker
A typical business in the 20-49 employee range will pay $40,165 per worker

You also have to recruit and retain these employees, when this is likely not your area of expertise. You have to worry about making sure they’re trained on all of today’s programs, devices, and best practices. So you have to stay on top of and pay for their training, up-training or re-certification. And of course, someday these employees will leave you. So you have to worry about replacing employees and their skills.

If you outsource your IT support, you completely eliminate these extra costs and worries. You don’t have to worry about staffing, you just hire one reliable provider. You don’t have to worry about training, we take care of that for you. You don’t have to worry about employee turnover, we will always be here for you.

Dynamix Remote IT Support with offices in Toronto & Calgary can fully support, administer and watch over your network, servers and desktops.

Enterprise Network/System Monitoring – Our network operations team provides minute-by-minute monitoring, ensuring you maximum network uptime.

Your needs are unique, so Dynamix offers various service modules that allow you to build a custom-fit IT solution:

Proactive remote network and system monitoring and management
Regular network performance and activity reporting
Web reporting
Application and server monitoring
On-demand reporting
Complete turnkey server management
Monthly system health, trend graph, and executive reports with recommendations
Upstream ISP network equipment monitoring to resolve Internet connection issues more effectively
24/7/365 service, or time-specific coverage, such as after-hours weekdays and weekends and holidays
Support services

Dynamix offers you the choice of IT support that makes the most sense for your users and business:

Help desk support

Telephone support
Online support
Server support and management
Remote and on-site server and/or desktop support

Using the same model of Fortune 100 IT departments, Dynamix engineers can provide server support and management remotely, giving you all the advantages of having your own in-house team without the added expense.

Dynamix Solutions Remote IT Support Coverage Includes:

Remote server administration
Regularly scheduled maintenance tasks
Backup management
User authentication activity verification
Patch management and service pack installation
Spyware/Trojan/Virus detection and removal
Virus outbreak control
Daily safety checks
CIO services
Vendor management

If you have any questions about our Remote IT Support services:

Simply call us at our Toronto office (416) 657-2449 or our Calgary office (403) 456-2183.

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Dynamix Solutions provides a range of Managed IT Services designed to accelerate business productivity, from expert installation and implementation to remote and on-site system management.

Our office in Markham serves Toronto and the GTA. Our office in Calgary serves Calgary and surrounding areas.