Search Engine Optimization Is No Longer Good Enough

It is not just about SEO anymore, it’s about WPO – or Web Positioning Optimization too. With updates to the Google algorithm like Panda and Mayday and integration of social media metrics as part of the search engine rank factors, we can clearly see that web marketing is not and should not be limited to SEO only.

Well, there is nothing wrong with putting a lot of effort into getting your website noticed by Google, Yahoo or Bing, but your website is just one tool among many. Remember, your goal is to get your brand and your company noticed and you should be using tools other than a website too. And they can even be offline activities!

So, here are 5 things to pay attention to in your web strategy:

1. Your Website. Just because you have a Facebook Page or a Blog Page or a Google+ profile doesn’t mean a website is not necessary. Your website is one place that you control what you look like, what you say and how you put your brand; it’s the hub for the rest of your Internet activity.

2. Your Content. Your content should be fresh, relevant and should NOT be copied. In case you didn’t know, “duplicate content” is penalized. And why should you be copying someone else’s content when you have your own information to share with your audience? Not only does sharing info help you engage with people, it also positions yourself as an ‘expert’.  An excellent idea would be to add a blog to your company website; it lets you add content on an ongoing basis.

3. Your Profiles. Yes, social media is indeed important for engaging with your entire world (which includes your customers, your vendors, your peers, your associates). Have a profile as both an individual and as a company? That’s great, as long as you follow the rules, that is. We’ve heard that some companies had added profiles on Google+ only to have them deleted later because Google+ does not allow for company profiles. And if you’ve committed the mistake of creating personal profiles on Facebook instead of creating a business page, create a business page ASAP.  Business pages are picked up by the search engines but personal profiles are not. And people can’t possibly be “friends” with a business. They sure can “Like” it, though.

4. Your People. The customers of your company are people and so are the people who run it. The days of corporate anonymity are long gone; it’s the age where having the head of the company recognizable and accountable makes a business succeed.

5. Your Engagement. Broadcasting your message isn’t enough. A company should interact and ‘engage’ with its customer, receiving comments or complains, such as. Do you have a mechanism to catch that information?

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