Cloud Computing Security – Does It Exist?  What must Toronto businesses look for with “The Cloud”?

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Cloud computing and “The Cloud” has become the talk of the town what with the increase in netbook users and the availability of low-cost computing devices. In addition to the availability of “cloud ready” computing solutions, Microsoft is pushing “cloud computing” heavily with their “TO THE CLOUD” marketing campaigns.  Tablets, mobile phones and other thin-client devices with enabled web services allow users to access data in the cloud making more people interested in cloud computing and grabbing the attention of small businesses across Canada looking for more cost-effective technology solutions.

But is cloud computing really safe for Toronto businesses?

Can you trust the cloud with all your corporate information? Experts at PCWorld Canada are positive about cloud computing and how small businesses from coast-to-coast can reap the benefits from cloud-based services.

Before investing in cloud computing solutions, we recommend having our team of Toronto IT support specialists review your security risks and any potential vulnerabilities that may exist with using cloud services.  There are many things to consider with cloud computing including regulatory and compliance risks for some corporations and non-profit groups.

Though cloud computing has been introduced only some time ago, the concept about using the Internet for services isn’t new at all. Cloud computing can be extremely beneficial for small businesses as it provides an economical alternative to the otherwise expensive IT services or applications. There are several features that make a cloud-based offering stand out, but those very features could become high-risk issues for companies. For instance, though the cloud-based offering is delivered over the Internet, your data may enter into a shared environment where it may get mixed up with other customer’s data.

Make sure you understand the benefits and risks around protection of your data’s integrity and privacy. You might think there is nothing positive about cloud computing for small businesses when you dig through all the terms and conditions. There is. It is just that a little homework is needed on your side and having a trusted IT professional in your corner will also help your business find the right cloud service.

Some important areas to discuss with any cloud service when it comes to your business data include:

  • Confidentiality and data backup policies – make sure you ask about retention of data, as well, and who has access to it.
  • Discuss data segregation, service provider viability, availability and recovery and make sure you know if the service provider can really handle your data.
  • Also ask ‘What happens if…’; find out about the potential risk to your data if the service provider goes out of business.

Discuss all potential advantages and risks with your technology consultant.  Our team o f Toronto technology consultants work with many business owners and have helped many chose if the cloud is the right solution.  Cloud services may not be suitable for every business.  Do your homework and speak with us.

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