Cybersecurity: A Serious Concern for Businesses Both Big and Small

Many businesses believe that online security breaches are only a real problem for big businesses. You only ever hear about cybercrime on the news when it happens to a business as big as Target or Home Depot. This way of thinking seems logical on the surface: When international corporations like Target are apparently vulnerable to…


Is Your IT Company Talking to You About Email Encryption Regulations?

If your IT company isn’t paying attention to compliance and new regulations for the real estate industry, they could be putting your entire business at risk. Have you heard about the new Email encryption regulation that’s taking effect? You know that no business is immune to data breaches or cyberattacks, and you need to ensure…


Losing sleep over cloud security? Let A Managed IT Services Company Handle Your Security!

With all the recent news of malware attacks and hacking, there is a never ending need for strong IT cloud security services. It has become fairly evident nobody is safe from these security issues. Many organizations take it for granted that their cloud security is flawless and that it has been taken care of by the provider. Often, organizations using

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If You’re Not Protecting Against Hackers, You May Face Charges

  One of the more significant rulings affecting large companies that do business online took place when the FTC won a case that allows damages to be awarded and charges to be laid if a business doesn’t take the appropriate steps to protect the information of its customers.


How 3 Major Companies Got Hacked

The Ponemon Institute found 47% of consumers have had their personal information compromised due to a company’s data breach. Are you at risk? There are two types of companies: ones that have been hacked and ones that will be hacked. Studies have shown data breaches are not only more common than ever before, they’re also…


Recovering from Just One Cyberattack Could Cost You Over A Million Dollars

That’s Why Your Accounting Firm Needs A Secure Remote Access Solution Fall victim to a cyberattack and you’ll find that the following cleanup is incredibly costly. It costs businesses an average of $150 per compromised file to recover from a security breach. All right, $150 isn’t worth worrying about… but thousands of files are usually…


Your fingerprints could be stolen just by swiping on your smartphone!

Are cybercriminals getting their dirty paws on your fingerprints? It sounds like a crazy idea, but experts are reporting that a recently discovered flaw on the Galaxy S5 makes it possible. Now, there’s no need to throw out your phone just yet. The chances of your fingerprints having been stolen are incredibly low – in…


1 Million New Threats Emerge Every Day: How Is Your Malware Protection?

Cyberattacks are getting sneakier and more creative, and businesses are struggling to stay one step ahead. Last year was huge for high-profile cybercrime; from major corporate attacks to the Heartbleed bug, to Sony’s public information leaks. Are you ready to combat malware? An analysis by Symantec showed that in 2014 attackers were working faster than…


All Versions of Windows Affected by New SMB Flaw

Taking notice of vulnerabilities is absolutely crucial – and there’s one you need to pay attention to right now. There’s a serious vulnerability in all supported versions of Windows that allows attacks to steal your credentials from valuable services. The bug is related to the way Windows and other software handles some HTTP requests. Researchers…


Important Security Tips

Don’t Fall for Phony Phone Calls An easy way for hackers to gain access to systems and accounts is to ask for it. Social engineering is a time-tested method used by many hackers. In many cases, all it takes is a phone call to a victim posing as an IT professional with a request for…