Common IT Security Issues

Breach of data

Cloud management systems are often targeted owing to the large volume of data that is stored. Depending on the kind of data that is stored and the importance of it, the impact of a potential breach is massive. Recently some hackers from Russia hacked into and leaked data from a healthcare cloud storage system. Athletes including members of the Women’s Canadian Soccer Team and Mo Farah from UK were victims of the same. The information on their personal history of health and medication had been stored in a cloud. Details regarding bank accounts and other materials relating to patents, weapons etc can have a very severe impact. A sound security system must be used to ensure that the data is secure and confined. The organizations are responsible for top notch IT security and are liable to legal action if such a situation arises.

Identity management issues

A lot of the breach in data and thefts occur due to negligence towards duties relating to username and password authentication. Failing to ensure that the right people are using the systems and poorly framed passwords often cause havoc. Implementing a multilayer authentication system helps to protect the cloud services since it becomes harder to access with merely passwords.

Many organizations who intend to use the cloud need to be aware of the level of security  provided in order to avoid the identity theft. Storing all the sensitive access data in the same cloud is risky if the security isn’t satisfactory. Imagine losing all your access details at once to a theft.

Threats from within the walls

Many companies have been victims of such thefts in the past due to a careless employee or an ex-employee with a bad intent. Since he / she has access to that data it becomes highly vulnerable and nothing can really be done to stop the threat or attack.

Many organizations ensure that only a limited number of staff members receive the access keywords thereby limiting the risk. Implementing an efficient monitoring system will ensure that only the right people are accessing the sensitive data. Other details regarding location of login can also be recorded.

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