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OUCH! Chromebook 11 Micro USB Charger Recalled Due To Overheating

Google and HP’s Chromebook 11 was the first laptop to include a micro USB charger. In early November, multiple cases of overheating and melting prompted both companies to pull the device from retail stores.  Google and Hewlett Packard recalled 145,000 micro-USB chargers for their Chromebook 11 due to burn and fire hazards. Google received one…


New Ransomware “Locker” Trying to Compete with Cryptolocker

Security company, IntelCrawler recently discovered a new ransomware known as “Locker.” Similar to Cryptolocker, Locker demands a ransom fee of $150 to restore the files encrypted by the infection. Fortunately Locker’s encryption is potentially breakable. Once Locker infects a PC, the victim’s documents are copied and encrypted, creating a “perfect” extension and deleting the victim’s…


Would Your Business Survive Without Email?

Should You Use a Hosted or Non-Hosted Microsoft Exchange Solution?  A recent survey by market research firm King Research revealed that 96% of respondents believe email is extremely important and, when unavailable, has a negative impact on their business operations. Do you employ in-house IT staff with an expertise in Microsoft Exchange? Most businesses don’t. …


The Benefits of Social Media for Businesses Leaders Who Want To Communicate With Other Business Leaders (B2B)

Many businesses launch social media campaigns to communicate to consumers.  But it’s becoming increasingly popular for business leaders to use this vehicle to communicate to other business leaders. Social media offers businesses the opportunity to reach out to consumers and businesses alike.  Even business leaders and decision makers use social media today.  It’s an opportunity…


Can You Use Tablets Without Compromising Security in the Workplace?

Yes.  A Reputable IT Provider Can Help You Mitigate These Risks. Global Market Intelligence Firm, IDC predicts that more tablets than PCs will be sold in 2014. As surprising as this is, IDC’s research shows that PC sales are actually down 10.1% for the year 2013. Tablets are now the favored mobile-computing device for people…


Microsoft Improves Security to Ensure Customer Privacy

Edward Snowden, former NSA contractor, leaked secret documents to media outlets regarding the security of Internet communications. Many technology giants have promised to improve security measures since then.  So, how do these companies plan to ensure our privacy? Microsoft announced plans to provide stronger security measures and protect customers from government spying. As part of…


The Top IT Priorities For CIOs in 2014

NASCIO, the National Association of State Chief Information Officers represents state chief information officers (CIOs) from state governments across the United States. According to a survey of their members, security, cloud services, and enterprise portfolio management are the top priorities for 2014.  The Top 10 Priority Technologies, Applications and Tools 1.    Cloud Computing: Software as…


The Security Risks Involved with Public Wi-Fi Connections

Most of us connect to public Wi-Fi hotspots. When you’re far away from home and you need to check your email, you’re probably going to find a public Wi-Fi hotspot. Simple enough, right? We have a huge variety of public Wi-Fi connections available to us, and many of us are constantly on-the-go with our mobile…


Simple Security Tips to Avoid Malicious Attacks

Malicious attacks, such as spyware, ransomware, and viruses, are designed to disrupt or damage a computer system. Often, malware is installed onto your computer through an infected email attachment, infected file on the Internet, or malicious website. Fortunately, malware can be prevented by following these security tips: Avoid Links within Pop-Up Windows Most pop-up windows…


Intel Plans to Increase CPU Performance with New Atom Chips

Recently, Intel announced plans to release new Atom chips for tablets and smartphones by 2016, boosting the overall CPU performance by 5 times and the mobile chip graphics performance by 15 times. Intel’s chips are used in certain smartphones, whereas ARM processors are used in a majority of tablets and smartphones. Intel strives to obtain…