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Qualcomm Trails Behind with the Recent SmartWatch Trend

Recent news suggests that the SmartWatch may be more popular than smartphones or computer tablets during this holiday shopping season. This year, at the consumer electronics show known as IFA in Berlin, Samsung and Sony are expected to showcase their early attempts at a combination timepiece/computer/mobile phone worn on the wrist. Sony has already begun…


Facebook Updates Fundamental Policy Documents Governing User Data

In September, Facebook announced that it was updating its privacy policies. After almost completely rewriting its advertising policy page, it’s clear that anything users upload publicly onto Facebook can be used as data to be collected and used by advertisers. When a user registers for Facebook, the rules now read, “you give [Facebook] permission to…


Hackers Set To Benefit From Companies Failing To Upgrade From Windows XP

You’ve heard the warnings about the impending end of support for Windows XP, and Microsoft has attempted to increase the number of its Windows 8 sold copies; however, Windows XP still holds a remarkable 37% market share of desktop operating systems. According to security expert Jason Fossen, the average price on the black market for…


Virus Warning: A New Type of Ransomware That Targets Organizations: Watch Out for CryptoLocker!

Earlier this year, a new type of ransomware appeared onto the scene; a variant of a security threat called CryptoLocker. The vulnerability becomes enabled when a user clicks a hyperlink that provides authorization for the installation of malicious malware. Essentially, this malware finds your personal files and wraps them in a strong encryption, then demands…


Download Apple’s iOS 7 for Free on Your iPhone, iPad, and iPod

Apple announced iOS7 in June. After successfully completing 6 beta versions, Apple’s mobile customers can officially download the anticipated upgrade on their iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The free software update is available for the iPhone 4 and newer, iPad 2 and newer, iPod Touch 5th generation, and iPad Mini. According to the world’s most…


What You Need To Know About Your Data Backup Plan

Today, computers are a huge part of almost everything we do. They allow our businesses to run more efficiently, enhance our quality of work, and enable us to generate more revenue. Data is the foundation of IT, and when data gets lost, corrupted or stolen an organization can run into major difficulties. For an organization…


The Top 11 Benefits of the New Microsoft Office

The new Microsoft Office is a powerful service with a clean, new look. While the features you already enjoy are still there, Microsoft Office 2013 includes some new ones with huge time saving abilities. In addition, the new Office also works with tablets, smartphones, and in the cloud; even on PCs that don’t have Office…


How to Ensure Professional Consistency in Your Documents Using Word’s Quick Styles

When a document has been modified by multiple people, whether it’s a statement of work, contract, or fifteen page proposal; it can be difficult to clean it up. There are so many different fonts and font sizes, and you can’t figure out where sections begin and end. Instead of using direct formatting, use styles to…


The Top Ten Apps for the iPhone and Android

As long as they continue to captive, entertain, and surprise consumers; mobile apps will remain an obsession among mobile device users. Every day, innovative new mobile experiences are entering various app stores across mobile platforms. Out of the tremendous amount of apps available, there are ten specific must-have apps for the iPhone and Android, including…


The iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S Launch is expected to be Bright and Exciting!

For the first time, Apple will be introducing more than one phone at one time! Over the past few months, Apple’s vast supply chain in China has disclosed enough information that observers are starting to feel certain about what Apple has in store for customers. Apparently, there will be an iPhone 5S available in black,…