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2014: The Year of the Cyber Attack! Follow Through on These 15 Powerful Business Resolutions to Master the Art of Protecting Your Data in 2015!  

Home Depot, PF Chang’s, Kmart, and the law firm down the street that never made the news. We saw a lot of big corporations struggle to retain market share and customer loyalty in the aftermath of some pretty serious data breaches. Many businesses believe something like this will NEVER happen to them, but this couldn’t…


Attention All CIOs: Are You Alleviating These Top 3 Social Media Concerns?

Your role as a CIO is constantly evolving. As the business world becomes more tech-savvy, your primary focus should be on enabling your business to grow through new technology and improved processes. But how can you ensure organization growth occurs? The most important aspect of organization growth involves aligning IT with business goals. While most…


Urgent Notice: The Latest Security Flaw May Be Stealing Your Confidential Data!

On April 8th, 2014, Google and security firm Codenomicon released details about a security flaw in OpenSSL Web servers. The security flaw, also known as “heartbleed”, enables hackers to access websites and steal massive amounts of data from vulnerable versions of OpenSSL. Warning: Heartbleed Impacts Websites Potentially Used by Your Employees As a business owner,…


How to Prepare for the Process of e-Discovery

Electronic discovery involves identifying, locating, and providing electronically stored information (ESI) in the event of litigation or investigation. The government can authorize hacking as a form of e-discovery, in order to obtain evidence in the event of a lawsuit or investigation. What Does ESI Refer To? Electronically stored information (ESI) refers to the following: Emails…


Microsoft Changes its Policies after Hacking into Blogger’s Hotmail Account

Microsoft recently searched a blogger’s Hotmail account to find the person who leaked copies of Windows 8 and anti-piracy software. The leaker, who turned out to be an ex-Microsoft employee, was arrested and charged shortly after the search revealed his identity. John Frank, Microsoft’s VP and deputy general counsel, said the company searched the blogger’s…


Looking to Protect Data Stored on Your iPhone? Here are 6 Powerful Apps for Attorneys

As an attorney, you probably have a variety of confidential client information, including documents, emails, and voicemails, stored on your iPhone. What would happen if your iPhone was lost or stolen? What if malware infected your iPhone and compromised confidential client information? Chances are, there would be financial and professional consequences to face. While the…


Another BlackBerry Outages Stops Texts, Emails and BBM Message Dead In Their Tracks

On Tuesday, BlackBerry Ltd announced a network outage affecting customers in Canada and the Asia-Pacific region. The outage left 75% customers unable to send or receive emails and text messages, while 22% of customers were unable to use BlackBerry Messenger. However, customers using BlackBerry’s BB10 devices were unaffected. According to Rogers, the outage affected various…


Have You Upgraded Your Mac to Mavericks? You Must Install OS X 10.9.2 Immediately.

Mavericks Users Must Install OS X 10.9.2 to Prevent Data Interception The OS X 10.9.2 update, which patches the SSL bug found in a piece of open source code and other issues, is now available for Mavericks users. Don’t wait on this critical update.  Install it immediately.  Your Mac should have prompted you already. The SSL…


4 Ways to Save Time and Effort By Signing Documents Electronically

When it comes to signing a document electronically, most people struggle with the hassle of signing and scanning the document. Did you know there’s a variety of other ways to sign documents electronically? Here’s 4 apps to sign documents via your smartphone or web browser: 1.     HelloSign Chrome Extension If you receive most of your…


Does Your Security Policy Address Internal Threats?

Most companies create security strategies to keep outsiders from getting into the network, however, a majority of security breaches are the result of unintentional or deliberate internal threats. According to global research firm Forrester’s, 36% of security breaches are caused by employees misusing sensitive data. There’s a few categories of potential internal threats, including: Corporate…