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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

Sometimes people’s lives become so busy that they forget to stop and say thank you for all that they have. In Canada, it has been a tradition since 1957 for everyone throughout the country to stop on the second Monday of October – Oct. 8, 2012 — and say thank you for a bountiful harvest…


Do you let your employees bring their smartphones to work?

Bring Your Own Device, or BYOD, programs have become very popular over the past few years. It can be a major benefit for some employees to have the ability to use their new iPhone or Blackberry, instead of dragging around a boring, clunky phone. It also saves a large sum of money for corporations, as…


How Small Business Can Leverage Technology

Confused On How To Use Technology In Your Business? Check Out These Tips To Help You Get It Right Ramon Ray shares a few tips in this video on what every small business should know about technology and what they should be focusing on in order to grow their business. Check out his tips in the video…


Microsoft Webinar: Office Web Apps August 14th

See Office Web Apps plus the new Outlook.com on August 14th at 12:15 PM Eastern/9:15 AM Pacific compliments of Microsoft. You can now sign up for a preview of the new Office Web Apps. These free versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote are being upgraded. Microsoft will show you how to sign up and…


Using “Out of Office” alerts got easier in Outlook 2010

The new Outlook 2010 has a number of innovative features in it which will make your life easier. Among all those, Out of Office Assistant is a prominent one where you will see a great difference. With the new Out of Office Assistant which is revamped as Automatic Replies in outlook 2010, the process has…


Create Awesome Marketing Presentations With Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

Effective marketing pieces need to be well designed. Take a basic slide deck and create a professional and effective marketing presentation by using bold themes, images, and colors to underscore your message. Read how to make a great marketing presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint 2010. Need to upgrade to Microsoft PowerPoint 2010, call us today and…


Mac Users are upset with OS X Mountain Lion

The newest version of the Mac OS X, known as Mountain Lion, was released in July 2012, but has not been favorably received. Many reviews from thousands of Mac OS X users have revealed significant complaints about the latest upgrade cutting battery life by up to more than 50%. Apple online support forums have had…


Taming the Lion, no Mountain Lion – Mac Users Rejoice

From Lion to Mountain Lion  Using a Mac does have its frustrating moments. None was as frustrating as Apple Lion, though. Recently the company has upgraded to Mountain Lion, but Lion was the operating system that led to around 50% of all Mac users holding off on the update and instead sticking with to Snow…


Twitter account exposes photos of debit and credit cards

Naked Security from Sophos is a great resource to learn about all the security vulnerabilities in the world today.  Here is another we just stumbled upon in our daily email. Identity thieves of the world unite… a Twitter account has just made things a whole lot easier for you. The account, @NeedADebitCard, names, retweets and shames…


Lose an AMAZING 10 lbs per week, heard on Twitter

We ran across this post on the Sophos’ Naked Security blog today. Lose an amazing 10 lbs. It must be true, it was broadcasted on Twitter.  Be wait, it is just a scam. Graham Cluley posted this YouTube video describing what is happening and how to prevent yourself from becoming another victim of this scam….