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IT Setup Checklist for a New Office

Moving to a new office has a number of elements that need to be considered. Whether you are relocating to a new space or opening a new business, adequate planning should be put in place to reduce the impact moving has on the financial and operational aspects of an organization.


How to Ensure That Your Data Stays Secure When Outsourcing IT Services

Outsourcing your IT services can free up your IT budget and allow your staff to concentrate on current projects rather than network maintenance and repair. Though many IT service providers have a security plan in place, it is important to continually assess risk and change policies when necessary to avoid data theft or breach. Currently, data security breach is the number one threat to

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3 Convincing Reasons You Shouldn’t Outsource IT Services to a Freelancer

Outsourcing IT services can work for some companies, and for others it might not be a good idea. While it has become an increasingly popular option, here are some possibly overlooked risks. 1. Loss of Control When you outsource it services to a freelancer, you lose control over how things are done, except as specified in the contract. If your

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5 Benefits of Cloud Computing That You Might Have Missed

Cloud computing, “the cloud” SaaS, are terms that are oftenly heard throughout the business and technology world. This is for good reason, as the benefits of cloud computing are vast for both large and small businesses. The most immediate benefits of cloud computing include cost reduction and remote access. Here we outline five benefits of cloud computing that you may not yet

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Should Your Business Use Help Desk Software?

IT outsourcing has become popular in recent years.  Many individuals believe outsourcing is a very real threat to their financial security.  Solutions such as help desk software make calls more effortless.  That said, the question that requires an answer is: Which is Best–Help Desk Software or making use of IT sourcing?  In order to answer the question, the essential details

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