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Top 8 reasons to use Managed IT Services in 2017 [Part2]

As mentioned in part one, cost savings, better uptime, tapping into IT solutions and taking a proactive approach to IT problems are all important reasons to use managed IT services. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t more. Every business may have a different reason for using these services, but the crucial thing is that they realize the need for them

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Top 8 reasons to use Managed IT Services in 2017 [Part 1]

Outsourcing basic IT functions such as payroll, website hosting and email have long become the norm for businesses. But business owners, like you, are realizing that the world of managed IT service is so much more than that. To help you see all that managed IT services have to offer, here are our first 4 reasons why you should starting

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The Merits of Managed IT Services in Toronto

In general, managed IT services consist of broadband, VPN, security services (firewall), and IP communications provided by a single service provider to corporate enterprises in compliance with a service level agreement (SLA). Some of the popular managed IT services in Toronto include: Broadband connections and data link layers. Dedicated and customizable VPN services. Security services such as firewalls to control

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Should you hire a professional IT firm or go internal?

Businesses today wrestle and grapple with the thought of hiring their own technology support staff to support their daily need for IT support without fully understanding the risks and the costs associated with having their own team of technology professionals. Business owners, C level execs and Managers are attracted to the idea of having a…


Small Businesses Benefit From Managed Services

The economy is showing signs of recovery; however, many businesses are still reeling from the effects of the recession. From start-ups to multi-billion dollar businesses, everyone is looking for ways to cut costs while turning a profit. In fact, many companies are just trying to keep things in the black, however that does not eliminate…


Great Testimonial

Dynamix is a great solution for managed services for your business technology. I highly recommend them and trust them completely! Werner Artinger


Markham IT Support Team Expands Software Portfolio

Did you know Dynamix Solutions has just expanded its software portfolio of services by providing our clients with in-house software development? That’s right. You all know that Dynamix Solutions Inc. is a leader in managed information systems for small and medium-sized businesses. Now we’re going to take it one step further. We all know how convenient it is to purchase

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Dynamix Solutions Partners With WIFT-T In Setup of Digital Media Summit

Toronto (WIFT-T) is a not-for-profit professional organization, that was founded in 1984. This organization is growing quickly as women become engaged in all areas of screen-based media to build, advance and sustain their careers nationally and internationally. According to Susan Ross, WIFT-T Chair, “Globally, women produce, share and consume digital and interactive content at a tremendous pace. At the same

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