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All Versions of Windows Affected by New SMB Flaw

Taking notice of vulnerabilities is absolutely crucial – and there’s one you need to pay attention to right now. There’s a serious vulnerability in all supported versions of Windows that allows attacks to steal your credentials from valuable services. The bug is related to the way Windows and other software handles some HTTP requests. Researchers…


2014: The Year of the Cyber Attack! Follow Through on These 15 Powerful Business Resolutions to Master the Art of Protecting Your Data in 2015!  

Home Depot, PF Chang’s, Kmart, and the law firm down the street that never made the news. We saw a lot of big corporations struggle to retain market share and customer loyalty in the aftermath of some pretty serious data breaches. Many businesses believe something like this will NEVER happen to them, but this couldn’t…


3 Convincing Reasons You Shouldn’t Outsource IT Services to a Freelancer

Outsourcing IT services can work for some companies, and for others, it might not be a good idea. While it has become an increasingly popular option, here are some possibly overlooked risks. 1. Loss of Control When you outsource it services to a freelancer, you lose control over how things are done, except as specified in the contract. If your

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