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Is the world going green?

This past April Earth Day came and went for another year.  I believe that many of us are aware of the importance of recycling aluminum cans, plastic bottles and newspapers.  There is now enough research to back the claims that recycling cuts down on the amount of waste going into our landfills. I just need to look at the end

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April 22nd is Earth Day, what is your business doing to protect the environment?

Why Earth Day is Important? There are all kinds of threats to the Earth’s environment. Forests get cut down to make room for more homes and businesses. Pesticides and other pollutants get tossed out alongside regular garbage and end up in landfills or get poured down drains that eventually empty into the very rivers that…


Dynamix Solutions Combines IT Productivity & Efficiency Solutions With Shift Recycling Options

Two Leading Information Technology (IT) powerhouse solution companies join together to clean up electronic waste. Dynamix Solutions takes their IT solutions responsibly in providing a full gamut of services to Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs). So saying, they have developed a service portfolio that is next to none in proving SMBs with implementation services or complete outsourced IT solutions. Now

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