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Microsoft announced 44 new retail stores will be opened by next year

Microsoft has confirmed that they are planning to expand their number of retail stores in Canada, with their Chief Operating Officer Kevin Turner setting out plans for the expansion. Talking at the Worldwide Partner Conference on July 11, Mr. Turner announced that the company would go ahead with plans outlined in early 2009, by opening…


New Duty-Free Limits Come Into Effect on June 1

In an inexplicable moment of largesse, the Canadian government decided to increase the spending limit on duty-free merchandise for Canadian citizens who make purchases while visiting the United States. Let me start with this warning:  Day trippers still can’t bring anything back from the United States. Canadian citizens still have to remain stateside overnight in…


April 19th, will you line up for a BlackBerry PlayBook?

The tablet market across Canada is undoubtedly dominated by iPads. As of today, no high end tablet producer has been able to undercut Apple when it comes to pricing. But the BlackBerry PlayBook seems all set to break the record with its manufacturer, Research In Motion, citing that PlayBooks will be sold at $20 below the price of iPads in

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